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Inflatable International Airport

For crouded cities near the beach, or for quick assembly
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The inflatable international airport, needed for crouded cities near the beach, who cannot own an international airport of their own, or for cities hosting an international event, but without the time or money to refurbish their own airport.

This product can come in modules, most important of which are the air-tower and the air-strips. These can be much safer than standard concrete air-strips, since if the wheels do not open the plane is cussioned by the airstrip. Especially true if the airstrip is open on the sea. Getting to and from the airport can be done with an inflatable floating PRT system, but that's the subject for a different halfbension.

pashute, Feb 24 2006

DIA for rasberry http://www.anomalie...Denver_Airport.html
Wacky but interesting (See rasberry's anno) [pashute, Feb 27 2006]

Your correct about the air pressure roofs http://www.textilei...s.htm?CD=02&ID=2177
Shows the company that made DIA roofs (with pics) and explains [pashute, Feb 27 2006]

DIA conspiracy http://www.westword...acies-take-off/full
And about the Nazi Freemasons (I thought the Nazi's had claimed that Freemasons were Jews and had them killed during WW2): "Today, dozens of websites are devoted to the "Denver Airport Conspiracy," [pashute, May 05 2009]


       Why not just attach the airport to the plane? - hey I just invented the sea-plane !   

       (crouded/crowded sp) - pesky pedant strikes again zzzzz quickly buzzes off.
xenzag, Feb 24 2006

       Only to be caught by the pedant fly trap.   

       This is odd. But I like the image that's forming in my head so [+].
hidden truths, Feb 24 2006

       I don't know what a halfbension is, but I'm looking forward to finding out.
wagster, Feb 24 2006

       At one point, they were considering building another airport for London in the sea off Southend (actually, on the sand banks in the sea). The plans were eventually shelved due to all the seabirds in the area, which I think would be a detriment to your scheme, too.   

       (It wasn't so much the seabirds themselves, which could have been scared off with hawks and things, but the environmentalists who wanted to protect them, not so easily deterred.)
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       That's been proposed here.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2006

       And it was done in Captain Scarlet - the only show with an indestructable puppet.
hidden truths, Feb 24 2006

       Someone once told me that the main terminal's roof at Denver International Airport is held up partially with air pressure. I'm not so sure if that's right, because someone else told me that DIA was built by Nazi Freemasons from space.
discontinuuity, Feb 25 2006


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