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Intelligent Microwave Popcorn Popper

Bags of pop-corn take more/less time depending on many factors. If you pop too long, you get burnt popcorn. Don't pop long enough and you waste kernals.
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So what is an avid popcorn affactionado to do? He/She could sit and listen to the popping noises, waiting for the interval between pops to reach the point where it will start burning. But why waste your time? Put a chip in the microwave to time the interval and shut off the microwave when it is done. That way you could put in the popcorn bag, press a special "Popcorn Button" and come back to find the perfect bag of popcorn!
beretboy, Jun 20 2003

Halfbakery: "Microwave Popcorn Readiness Detector" http://www.halfbake...eadiness_20Detector
20 June 03 | From the HB, circa Oct 01. [bristolz, Oct 04 2004]

Perfect coffee roasting with TinyML sound sensing https://www.tinyml.org/event/emea-2021/
"During the roasting the coffee beans will pop like popcorn (“cracking”), and the sound of these cracks is a good indicator of the development stage of the coffee beans. By integrating MEMS microphones and on-edge analysis using machine learning (TinyML), the ROEST coffee roasters can use sound to automatically keep track of the roasting process. " [TonyDeaf, Oct 05 2021]


       That would mean that every popcorn lover has to buy a new microwave. Would they do that? It would be simpler to pack a little explosive with the popcorn. When the grease gets too hot it sets off the explosive which blasts out the door of microwave and stops it.
kbecker, Jun 20 2003

       //Bags of pop-corn take more/less time depending on many factors.//
Do we already know the time interval between pops that will declare the perfect popcorn propogation?
Please advise whether acoustic sensor is necessary.
sp. kernel
sp. aficionado
gnomethang, Jun 20 2003

Obviously HBGC e++
I like your idea better.
gnomethang, Jun 20 2003

       My microwave has a popcorn feature...Or do you mean something more spacific for different preferences of popcorn?
DarkRanger, Jun 21 2003

       Maybe it's just me, but I find I can't time popcorn any better by acoustic analysis than my microwave's popcorn button.
Cedar Park, Jun 21 2003

       A real popcorn ‘aficionado’ wouldn’t use a bag or a microwave unless they were preparing popcorn-on-the-cob. And they would never be seen in the company of store-bought microwave popcorn. It’s sacrilegious.
Shz, Jun 21 2003

       This is one of the best HB ideas i've ever seen.
shazam, Jun 21 2003

       Uhh dude ,,what you are talking about is a micro wave with a moisture sensor ,, we have one , and it has a popcorn button , it will nuke a bag of popcorn just right , you only have 10-15 unpoped kernals, every time ,, oh and it also has a baked potato , soup , Smart defrost , reheat , hard veg and soft veg , bacon , fish and ground beef buttons and is VERRRY progromable ,, it is a Frigidaire
zippyt, Jun 22 2003

       Fellow bakers,
Please excuse [zippyt]. This ardent baker is suffering from severe overpunctuation. We will also recommend that [zippyt] purchase an over-the-counter pregnancy test, as we have yet to see a period.
Cedar Park, Jun 22 2003

       While he may have poor punctuation he has a good microwave. I have one similar to it and it cooks popcorn perfectly, every time.
bristolz, Jun 22 2003

       My microwave "popcorn" setting leaves quite a few unpopped kernels. If I follow the package directions and nuke on "high" until the popping noises get to be about 2 seconds apart, there are only a few kernels left. So, popcorny croissant for you!
TeaTotal, Jun 22 2003

       an avid popcorn fan would be using a popcorn machine and not eating inferior microwave popcorn.
kaz, Jun 22 2003

       Mmmhhh... burnt popcorn!
Pericles, Jun 22 2003

       Multiple carbs make for a bad meal if you're not careful. So have this bun with a side of roast beef and a non-starchy vegetable.
Voice, Oct 05 2021

       //It is a Frigidaire//   

       Isn't that weird? Our oven is a Frigidaire. Our fridge is a Whirlpool. And our washer is a Hotpoint. Did someone at some point pull the nametags off and shift them all clockwise?
RayfordSteele, Oct 05 2021


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