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Interesting Times Quotient

We've been cursed. But how bad is it?
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The cliched Chinese curse fully appreciates the value of stability and status quo.

But I suspect that in each age, a certain level of self absorption dictates that the current times seem "interesting", e.g. we tend to "blah, blah, blah" parts of medieval history and assume that true change occurred after the Renaissance, etc.

At the reverse, even Homer couldn't make the entire ten years of the Trojan war interesting.

So how does one measure were the disruption of our age stands versus the French Revolution, or the Industrial age?

Is it a fair assumption to assume that the pace of "interest" is only going in one direction, i.e. increasing? (hmm, wonder if this is simply a measure of entropy)

While it may be difficult to measure versus ancient history, now that so much data is computerized and available for mining, one can use a large variety of counters from patents to demonstration permits issued, from arrest records to war casualties, etc. One has to note that the wide availability of data is demonstrably affecting, Heisenberg style, behavior, and is arguably an ameliorating influence in some cases, resonating influence in others.

If we are truly heading towards the singularity as the kurzweils and the cyberpunks predict, then this curve should be looking like a hockey stick.

theircompetitor, Nov 04 2011


       You would need to adjust for relative population sizes as, generally speaking, more people = more activity.
DrBob, Nov 04 2011

       certainly, [DrBob], though one would argue the size of the population itself is a factor. Or is it -- was it a more interesting time when we were a single tribe out on the savanna?
theircompetitor, Nov 04 2011

       If the times are so interesting, why is my life so darn boring at the moment?
RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2011

       Could it possibly be that you are actually a very dull and unattractive personality that intelligent, witty and attractive people instinctively avoid ?   

       Just a guess ...
8th of 7, Nov 04 2011

       Nah, I'll go with misunderstood. Yeah, that's it.
RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2011

       Ray, do you read James Altucher? Kind of a weird guy, but produces the occasional gem.
theircompetitor, Nov 04 2011

       //for example, on the savanna or in the 70's// [marked-for-tagline]
theircompetitor, Nov 04 2011

       Nah, he speaks some kind of alien language they call finance, which makes my eyes roll back in my head. Also a writer of self-help books. Yeah I know, life is what you make it. Most of mine revolves around work, home improvements, and a hormonal preggo wife at the moment.
RayfordSteele, Nov 04 2011

       Full buns for fatalistic statistology, and I hereby propose that this be called the 'Rincewind Scale'. [+]
Alterother, Nov 04 2011

       Congratulations, [RayfordSteele]. And good luck...
pertinax, Nov 05 2011

       Congrats, [Ray]. Any name ideas? Nemo, no doubt? :)
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2011

       How about 'Baker'?
Alterother, Nov 05 2011

       Or Charlie, Mike, Oscar, or Victor.
For a girl, Juliette or Sierra.
mouseposture, Nov 05 2011

       Bravo [MP].
FlyingToaster, Nov 05 2011

       Thx. This is our first that looks like a go. We have had names chosen since 4 attempts ago. And no, it's not Romeo, Zulu, X-ray, or Lima.
RayfordSteele, Nov 06 2011


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