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Internet connection for coffins

For browsing while you wait to be dug up
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Hello, this idea was originally suggested by Skinny Rob (see the "Be buried with your mobile" idea):

"I suggest installing internet connections and cable modems in coffins instead. That way you could send e-mail to alert people, and then browse websites while you're waiting for them to dig you out."

PS. Skinny Rob, this is your idea - you should suggest it and I'll delete this one.
Jim, Aug 10 2000

Be buried with your mobile http://www.halfbake...ith_20your_20mobile
Idea that this idea stemmed from [Jim, Aug 10 2000]

"Digmeup.com" idea http://www.halfbake.../idea/Digmeup_2ecom
If you've got the connection, you should have somewhere to go [Jim, Aug 10 2000]

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       Let's think of it as a collaborative effort, Jim. I'd never have had the idea of providing bandwidth to the interred if you hadn't had your phone idea. It's that sort of cross pollination which creates truly great innovations.
Skinny Rob, Aug 10 2000

       For those dear departed who never figured out what to do with computers, I'd favor an idea from a vintage Ron Cobb cartoon (pre-PCs): A salesman in a coffin showroom shows his customer a pair of headphones plugged into the deluxe casket and says, "Muzak." Of course, if you want to make sure that an enemy experiences at least *some* hell after death, you could always slip a CD player into the casket with an appropriate disc...
whatsbruin, Sep 06 2001

       ..or if you really hated someone,a CD of people "digging furiously"
Pretoria, Jan 10 2002


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