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Jet Powered Rescue Can

Get the human bobber to the shore faster than ever.
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Baywatch goes Ballistic. Okay so you cram a carbon or aluminum 4500psi compressed air paintball tank (mini scuba) into one of those orange molded plastic resuce cans. Have a high pressure hose that goes from the tank to a nozzle straped to the lifegaurds foot. Simply open a trigger type valve on the can and propel your craft to shore steering with your leg. Lets face it with water in Bob's lungs every second counts. Another more expensive can could be laser guided right to said bobber by the lifeguard tower like a remote controlled boat. (much faster than humans can swim) The basic model could be put in use tomorrow for not much cost and local scuba places would be able to recharge it. see link

So there is my first one.

AmericanInventor, Mar 16 2006

Rescue Can http://www.srsport....74/products_id/1884
[AmericanInventor, Mar 16 2006]

Air Tank http://www.scubatoy...Paintball_Tanks.asp
[AmericanInventor, Mar 16 2006]

20th century version http://secure.bitsa...13-6424__id-62.html
[Shz, Mar 17 2006]

Tyger Ray Aqua Scooter http://www.iboats.c...rwater_scooter.html
Note that this works on the surface or beneath the waves, is electrically rechargeable, is slightly buoyant in salt water, and pulls rather than pushes. [jurist, Mar 17 2006]

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       Sounds like a plan to me, except I'd use the air to power a propeller.
DrCurry, Mar 16 2006

       Would you really get sufficient propulsion to get you 50 m to shore from such a system? Or just a lot of bubbles for a few seconds?
methinksnot, Mar 16 2006

       With 88 cubic inches @ 4500psi there is some energy there to work with. You may want to employ a simple turbine in the nozzle. Its cheap enough to give it a try. Even if it gets you only 25 yds or 10 seconds faster thats oxy to brain time. You can still use your arms and other leg to help it along.   

       This is a 3lb. carbon fiber wrapped paintball tank. It just needs to be filled by scuba shop because they are the ones equiped with a multistage compressor.
AmericanInventor, Mar 16 2006

       Fair enough +.   

       That [Curry] knows what he's on about. Propeller is the way to go.
methinksnot, Mar 16 2006

       Welcome, [American inventor] keep it coming.
zeno, Mar 17 2006

       "That [Curry] knows what he's on about." - um, that's what you think - I make this stuff up as I go along!
DrCurry, Mar 17 2006

       //That [Curry] knows what he's on//
Shz, Mar 17 2006

       //left//? It floats better after 'discharge'.
Shz, Mar 17 2006

       Once you've decided to spend the money for a swimming propulsion device, it seems to me that something like the Tyger Ray Aqua Scooter would be a more reliable alternative to an air powered device. They have about a sixty minute run time; they're slightly positively buoyant; they're rechargeable; and can be purchased for around $400 USD. They're even shaped similarly to the standard lifeguard's rescue can. See [link] for additional data.
jurist, Mar 17 2006

       Isn't the point of those rescue cans that they float? Scuba tanks are heavy! I am no Hasselhoff, but I think my jog into the surf would be a little less jaunty with a full scuba tank in one hand.   

       On the other hand,I love the idea of a high pressure hose running down my pant leg to a nozzle concealed by my foot. I might disguise the SCUBA tank as a congenital deformity under a roomy sweatshirt. Some hot babe might say "Hey Bung, is that a high pressure hose running down your pant leg, or are you just glad to see me?" I might give her a knowing wink, then open the valve, propelling myself several feet up into the air with a seductively loud hiss.
bungston, Mar 17 2006

       Maybe liquid nitrogen could be used. It wouldn't need a heavy tank, since it could operate at lower pressure. The liquid Nitrogen could be pumped into a chamber where it is mixed with sea water, rapidly boiled, and used to expel the sea water.   

       It would be a case of balancing the relative flows, so that the sea water doesn't ice up.
Ling, Mar 17 2006

       //I might disguise the SCUBA tank as a congenital deformity under a roomy sweatshirt// - Why not hide it inside an enormous medallion on your hairy chest?
wagster, Mar 17 2006

       About twenty years ago, there was an idea to replace the first stage of a SCUBA regulator with a series of pistons, driving a sinusoid swashplate motor and propellor. The problem was that since the air was then to be used for breathing, lubrication of the moving parts was a problem, which I think was partially solved by moulding the moving parts in a self-lubricating palstic.
I haven't seen anything of the idea since.
coprocephalous, Mar 17 2006

       //joining the pedant brigade//? All this time I thought I started it. ;)
Shz, Mar 17 2006


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