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Jewelry-Quality Birth Control Pill Cases

personalized birth control pill cases
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Cases for birth control pills more like compacts than medical equipment. Wide variety of designs, ranging from executive/classy monogrammed tortoiseshell to funky punky numbers to rich bitch solid gold to secretarial kitsch with kitties or Cathy cartoons. Some specific ideas: The teen idol line, with pictures of Sean Cassidy, Elvis Presley, James Dean, etc. The personalizable, "I [heart] [boyfriend's name]" (we could make up a bunch with names already, like those bicycle license plates) and a place for you to slip his picture inside. The punk line, with pictures of little fetuses with an X through them, the word "Breeder," etc. The tamagucci line, electronic with a little buzzer that goes off when it's time to take your pill and the deluxe tamagucci models, with a little tamagucci pet penis that periodically needs "feed and care". The "pope" line, maybe with positive scriptural messages about birth control or sex anyway for people experiencing ambivalence about their religious faith and reproductive choices. The "local craftsperson" line--self explanatory, made of wood, textiles, etc. Venues: More "edgy" ones sold at "wymyn" friendly sex shops like "Good Vibrations" and funky boutiques but less controversial ones in Dr.s offices and through catalogues, ads in women's mags. Emphasize embarrassment of taking pills in public. Sell to boyfriends as great gift idea (they could insert their own picture--or, could have some kind of secret video monitoring system--but that’s probably technically unfeasible).
mery, Oct 08 2001

not quite a pop-up pope head http://www.ortho-mc...hive/pr/1-26-00.htm
[amo, Oct 08 2001]

"Ortho tri-cyclen's got 'em. They're called "personal paks," http://www.orthotri...sonalpak/index.html
Kimsgems link as a link. [StarChaser, Oct 08 2001]


       Yes, UnaBubba, they come color coded and even date coded in cardboard dispensers, but when you get your prescription (at least in the states) they also come with ugly plastic cases in which you place the cardboard dispenser, making it more durable. The idea is that this is you then throw the plastic thing in your purse -- like the containers for contact lenses when you get with your first prescription. As it is now, you place the cardboard dispenser in an ugly generic plastic case designed to accomodate the cardboard blister pack month after month, which grows ever more lint encrusted and less inspiring. With this idea, the wood/gold/etc. cases would be designed to accomodate the cardboard just as the plastic cases do now, just more, um, inspiringly -- and with the advantage of electronics, offer an extra reminder. I hope someone here actually uses birth control pills and understands what I'm getting at.
mery, Oct 08 2001

       //they also come with ugly plastic cases// Oh please. If it bothers you that much, paint your own.
sdm, Oct 08 2001

       wymyn is properly spelled wimmen.
thumbwax, Oct 08 2001

       "I can't wait till when I grow up and fall in love and my boyfriend gets down on one knee and presents me with a diamond encrusted pill case"
Helium, Oct 08 2001

       I'm tempted to pastrify simply for the word 'tamagucci'.
angel, Oct 08 2001

       With a magnet in it so no more "forgetting" those earrings on the nightstand. And condom cases too...skins for your skins!
Bonarein, Oct 08 2001

       It may be obvious only to me, but wouldn't cases like these pose a large threat to the more "girly" of little girls? If you're going to make birth-control-pill cases cute and flashy, especially with neat little sounds and alarms, they're going to become instant fetish items for every female under the age of 14.   

       Isn't this the exact demographic you'd want to exclude? Let's hear from some halfbaker parents: how would you feel about your 6-year-old daughter wanting a birth-control-pill case of her very own?   

       That said, I already know what my own pill case would look like: metallic blue, with a smiling Pope-head inside the lid. When I remove a pill, the Pope-head would wink, say "Sinner!", and chuckle merrily until I closed the lid again.
1percent, Oct 08 2001

       Right again, blissmiss ... I want the Flogg-A-Falwell action doll for Christmas. How did you guess?   

       Wait -- are YOU my Secret Santa? (giggle)
1percent, Oct 08 2001

       How big are the cardboard blister pack thingies? (I know nothing of such things.) Certainly tobacco tins can be bought from your local head shop in all sorts of attractive designs (and not all of them are in Rastafarian colouring with big green 'erb designs on them). Alternatively, would an old-fashioned cigarette case do the job?   

       Anyway, croissant for the 'pictures of little fetuses with an X through them' line.   

       BTW, thumbwax, I believe the correct spelling of wymyn is actually "wummin".
Guy Fox, Oct 08 2001

       My guess is that there will be marginally different sizes of cards from different pharmaceutical companies (about 10cm by 4cm?). If I'm wrong and there is a standard then I'd be very surprised if this is not baked. If I'm right then have a look down you're local craft/hippy market for a large pllbox/small cigarette case that will accommodate the pills without removing them from the cardboard backing. Decorate if required.   

       What *I* want is a titanium case for my palmtop with a guarantee that I will be able to fit the innards of any future model into the case. As this is halfbaked in one of William Gibson's books I will not be posting it as a separate idea.
st3f, Oct 08 2001

       There are several different shapes of the cardboard card, but not *very* many. You could probably make a case that would hold any of several manufacturer's cards.   

       Also, there's no big reason little girls would want birth-control cases specifically: they'd be just as happy with the good makeup compacts that these cases would closely resemble. You might even avoid a Difficult Conversation with a kid if you weren't sporting contraceptive names on your purse-stuff.
hello_c, Oct 09 2001

       Three quarters baked, see link. Only one company has them, and designs are limited.
amo, Oct 10 2001

       Just get the pillpackers to thread them in date order on a strand of silver wire and wear as a necklace. Beads to be bitten off and swallowed in sequence. Wear a new necklace every month.
Mygo, Oct 10 2001

       as amo said, baked--orthotrycyclen makes them. they come in 6 or 8 "styles," are still plastic but slightly "nicer" plastic, in patterns like jade/lapis/leopard or whatever... looking for a link.
Urania, Oct 10 2001

       [thumbwax] and [Guy Fox] - the correct spelling is actually "d-i-s-h-w-a-s-h-e-r."
<grabs pillow and braces for retaliation>
AfroAssault, Oct 10 2001

       Can I visit you in hospital Afro?
Helium, Oct 10 2001

       Only after I find this Hospital Afro.
AfroAssault, Oct 11 2001

AfroAssault, Oct 11 2001

       Afro has given Birth!
thumbwax, Oct 11 2001

       Baked, baby. Ortho tri-cyclen's got 'em. They're called "personal paks," and they come in a variety of designs. I've got one in leopard print, lapis, and black onyx. Link: http://www.orthotri-cyclen.com/personalpak/index.html
kimsgems, Oct 11 2001

       Guess that'd give you a good reason to polish your knob...
AfroAssault, Oct 12 2001

       Ancestral heirloom lacquered condoms ... there's something wrong with this idea ...
wiml, Oct 12 2001

       I want a pope birth control pill case.   

       A sanrio line would be interesting. There are certainly times when I've put Chococat stickers on my pill pack. "Kawai", twelve year olds would scream, and suddenly there would be a drop in the amount of teen pregnancies.   

       With a pokemon line, the pack could be shaped like a poke-ball. Filler could be added to the pills so that they were larger, and came in tiny pokemon shapes. You could catch'em all.
CatMiau, Oct 12 2001

       thank you kimsgems! that's the link i for some reason couldn't find.. knew i couldn't have been hallucinating though...
Urania, Oct 28 2001

       Howz about PEZ-style birth control pill dispensers. They could be precious metal and/or bear the Pope's likeness - with or without audio. All the ideas, condensed into one, with extra fun on top.
lsenater, Oct 28 2001

       Whatever, needs to be thermochromic so that when they're left in a hot car the X in the 'pictures of little fetuses with an X through them' disappears, since the pills won't be potent anymore and can be eaten as candy beyond then.
reensure, Mar 01 2005

       coming from not-so-far-away-from the town that apparently has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in europe, i really don't think it's such a bad idea that pill cases would become fashionable among 14 year olds.
daaisy, Oct 15 2005

       Also could be merged into other types of medicine that need to be taken daily.
PollyNo9, Oct 15 2005

       Remember the "Malthusian Belt" from A Brave New World? I do.   

       (Like an ammo belt for contraceptives. All the rage, apparently.)
GutPunchLullabies, Oct 16 2005


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