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Jittery Compass and Imperfect Ruler

instruments that draw slightly imperfect geometric lines and circles
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Including perfectly drawn circles using a compass or hard edged ruled lines in an otherwise hand rendered image is never a good combination. The Jittery Compass and Imperfect Ruler solves this problem.

The ruler is simple. It's a basic hollow square shape, meaning that it has 8 sides, each of which is damaged with a series of random nicks and kinks. Variety is created by using different parts of the ruler to create various parts of the drawing.

The compass is more complex. To make the jitters as you hand turn it, requires setting a small gauge on the handle. This controls the amount of tiny spasms created by a random micro vibrator, which are delivered down the shaft to the pencil end.

xenzag, Nov 01 2010

Nearly Perfect Square Ruler http://picasaweb.go...5534499361291543522
.....imperfections only visible at high magnification (not started Compass illustration yet) [xenzag, Nov 01 2010]

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       We implemented this at school by having ruler "sword" fights. A battle-notched 12" ruler is simultaneously a mark of honour, and a dreadfull thing to use in maths.
zen_tom, Nov 01 2010

       //Jittery Compass//   

       I had one of these on a land navigation course. Were it not for it being a self correcting course, and for my considerable cardiovascular endurance I would have failed.   

       Phooey on you for bringing to mind such a harrowing ordeal.
MikeD, Nov 01 2010

       Here in the U.S., we've already had a number of imperfect rulers.
DrWorm, Nov 01 2010


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