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Just Effing Relax!

Public: Evil: Spa
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Say you've made an appointment with your local spa for a bit or R&R. But being the antsy work-a-holic you are, you keep canceling or pushing back your spa date. To counter this, the spa could send out a man to stalk you, shoot you with a curare dart, and drag you back to the spa.

Since curare kills by stoping respiration, the spa employees would just have to repeatedly compress your chest as they pull your limp form into a mud bath, onto a massage bed, or in for a cold compress and an exfoliation.

notmarkflynn, Feb 20 2006

Curare http://www.botgard....nomicbotany/Curare/
[notmarkflynn, Feb 20 2006]

Tetradotoxin http://www.chm.bris...uk/motm/ttx/ttx.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Feb 20 2006]


       Rather than curare, how about tequilla?
Galbinus_Caeli, Feb 20 2006

       Curare is a bit extreme, but yeah, I could see this working with a more mundane tranquilizer.
DrCurry, Feb 20 2006

       I want curare, or nothing.   

       ...you know what, I get the feeling I'm going to get nothing.
notmarkflynn, Feb 20 2006

       "Give me curare and/or give me death"?
hidden truths, Feb 20 2006

       If you consider Michelangelo's birthday a holiday then that might already exist. (Honestly though, I too will settle for tequila).
hidden truths, Feb 20 2006

       I'll have curare and a spa or tequila and a bar.
wagster, Feb 20 2006

       All of the bennefits of Curare without the whole, long tunnel, CLEAR! thing going on. [link]   

       Zombway; eat flesh.   


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