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Kate Bush Sings Your Number

"Threeeee One Four One Five Nine, Two Six Five Three Five..."
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Few can deny that Kate sings a lovely number. I want to be able to dial up directory enquiries and have my chosen numeric sung to me to the tune of a lullaby melody, in her most dulcet of tones.
zen_tom, Apr 02 2006

John Redwood makes up some numbers and sings them to you http://news.bbc.co....i/wales/1507667.stm
[Dub, Apr 03 2006]

Tom Baker says... http://tombakersays.com/
A similar sort of thing but in this case Tom Baker (former Doctor Who and Captain Redbeard Rum) reads from the Oxford English Dictionary. [DrBob, Apr 04 2006]

The lyrics...Pi http://www.lyricsde...m/kate-bush/pi.html
[cromagnon, Apr 04 2006]

Kate Bush sings Pi incorrectly (according to this thread) http://usability.ty...ate_bush_sings.html
[cromagnon, Apr 04 2006]

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       Genius! An application coming right up!
Dub, Apr 02 2006

       I love it. That's wuthering heights isn't it?   

       One two three, one two three, one two three, five six nine one ...
jonthegeologist, Apr 02 2006

       I was thinking of the track on her Aerial album, in which she (apparently) sings pi to 137 decimal places.
zen_tom, Apr 02 2006

       She could also do directory enquiries: "Washing machine washing machine washing machine repair services Oooooh one fouuur threee six fooorty twoooioiooo forty twooooieaooo fooo-ooo-ooorrrrty twoooo!"
calum, Apr 03 2006

       //She could also do directory enquiries//   

       Tom Robinson, would get it right every time. "2468 who do you wish to comunicate?"
skinflaps, Apr 03 2006

       //It'd be nice to think fans in future concerts will be joining in// half of them looking like former Welsh secretary John Redwood blagging his way through the Welsh national anthem all those years back. (Link)
Dub, Apr 03 2006

       //former Welsh secretary John Redwood// That would be "Secretary of State for Wales" - you make him sound like he used to be Myfanwy Jones, an office worker from Cardiff.
coprocephalous, Apr 03 2006

       //That would be "Secretary of State for Wales" - you make him sound like he used to be Myfanwy Jones, an office worker from Cardiff//sexist, elitist, welshist, all-kinds-of ists...
po, Apr 03 2006

       //sexist, elitist, welshist// Now you're making *me* sound like Ann Robinson.

(Apologies to non-Brits - just talk amongst yourselves)
coprocephalous, Apr 03 2006

       [Copro]Picky picky picky (in an Indian accent). Makes me feel like some generating some coprography specifically for you.
Dub, Apr 03 2006

       I wonder if voice synthezation has gotten to the point that I could have the J Giles band sing proper Caller ID.
theircompetitor, Apr 03 2006

       Well, if we're having he musicians take over the telephony system, I want Del La Soul doing my voicemail.   

       All together now, "Hey - how ya doin'? Sorry you can't get through..."
friendlyfire, Apr 03 2006

       Or Tom Waits singing your bank balance.
cromagnon, Apr 04 2006


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