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Kerbal Space Program Edu Edition

Kind of like artemis, but with more Kerbals and kids. Space Mission Control Room for classrooms
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Just like how there is an educational classroom version of minecraft. I think there should be an Edu edition of the Kerbal Space Program.

The difference between this edition compared to the normal versions, is that it has multi screen support and is designed to encourage teamwork. The spaceship that the kerbals ride on in this version will be more complicated, and have more variables to consider than the normal version. Thus it would require teamwork to even get the spacecraft to space.

The teacher computer will be projected on to the large screen, and the teacher has full control over what scenario can happen. The idea of this projected scene, is to represent the 'real world', thus the teacher is encouraged to simulate the game in real time (only fast forward each morning to make up for the time the teaching computer was off), and to never rewind. The idea is to ensure there are real consequences for the decision that the students chose.

Of course in practice, the teacher depending on time, could select specific time frames as students cannot always be up and ready 24hr like a real NASA director.

So this describes the teacher's computer, as the "Main screen" of a nasa control room. The student's computer however will represents various important roles such as attitude control, power, propulsion, thermal, attitude dynamics, orbital operations and other subsystem discipline.

Initially however, the first half of the classroom time will be spent on getting a snapshot of the current events in the teacher computer, and allowing students to play around with simulating and computing solutions to the current problem. This part is much like the standard kerbal game.

Once a general consensus is formed on what to do next, the teacher will switch all the students into 'mission control mode' and allow the students to perform the scenario in real time. Hopefully, the room will be busy with students running around trying their best to help ensure the 'real kerbals' will get home safely.

While hopefully most classroom simulation will go without a hitch, the increase realism of the edu version will mean that there will be messups. But this can bring some exciting moments too! E.g. The students accidentally exploding the spacecraft in space, sending a kerbal towards the sun. Thus prompting a rescue mission as a classroom bands together to help save a kerbal floating towards the sun.

p.s. Probably would want to add that tentacle monster to the game as well... just to make things a little tad more challenging.

p.s.s If the entire classroom was able to get a kerbal back home in one piece, then maybe then all the students should get a prize.

p.s.s.s A mission patch would be cool too!

mofosyne, Aug 06 2013

Kerbal Space Program https://kerbalspaceprogram.com/
A kerbal is little green guys who you get to shoot into space [mofosyne, Aug 06 2013]

Very suggestive Kerbal rocket http://www.youtube....watch?v=GJlRLw-5i54
Maybe the one I viewed was a fluke. This Kerbal seems stoked to be in what would seem to me a very scary rocket. [bungston, Aug 09 2013]

Now baked? https://kerbaledu.com/
[mofosyne, Feb 24 2018]


       What is a kerbal?
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 06 2013

       Little green guys who do anything you ask. Even if its to be strapped into a suspiciously constructed rocket, to be blasted off into space (a percentage of the time).
mofosyne, Aug 06 2013

       I was watching some Youtube of a Kerbal launch. I was mightily disappointed by the Kerbals themselves. These Kerbals are individually named. The video author had a sweet rocket plane and he was doing a fine job trying to get it up to orbit. The Kerbals looked uniformly freaked out and scared, much like Beaker (whom they resemble), the entire time. These are not randoms, these Kerbals, but test pilot Kerbals ready to make it happen.   

       Now I understand some freakout like when the planes rockets fizzled out when too high in the atmosphere and it began an uncontrolled reentry. But these guys should be Right Stuff cocksure and grinning when the plane is flying like it should.   

       The idea of scaring the poor kerbals to death no matter how awesome and functional the plane is sort of offputting to me. I always felt sorry for Beaker because he was so afraid.
bungston, Aug 09 2013

       I felt even sorrier for Beaker because Dr. Bunsen had no eyes.
RayfordSteele, Aug 09 2013

       I was contemplating what consequences there might be to introducing Max up there to this Kerbal game. I am sorry to report I have wasted precious billable minutes watching youtube videos of various Kerbal endeavors.
bungston, Aug 09 2013


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