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Kite on a Stick

For those days when the wind doesn't blow.
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Attach a kite to one (or two) lightweight carbon/graphite rods and walk about the park with your kite easily aloft. Annoy other kite-fliers who can't get theirs off the ground. Shout handy tips to those that seem to be particularly frustrated.

Wrist supports recommended for extended use. Good posture essential to avoid shoulder strain.

st3f, Jul 02 2005

Solarzeppelin http://www.pearl.de...hiff-UFO-Solar.html
Leichtes, faszinierendes Flugobjekt - angetrieben von der Sonne! [baconbrain, Jul 02 2005]


       <waggles top-end>
po, Jul 02 2005

       Most definately, with two cups of coffee in one hand, and the kite in the other. Yay!!!!!
blissmiss, Jul 02 2005

       I've seen a woman do a kite-dance inside a gymnasium using a Grandmaster fighter and about ten feet of string. The 1998 AKA National website includes this workshop note: "Indoor Flying -- Jon Trennepohl led this group, teaching techniques for indoor flying."   

       I have flown a Grandmaster in less wind than is required for any other kite. When the wind dies away completely, I break out a UFO Solar. See link.   

       Annoy other kite-fliers, indeed.
baconbrain, Jul 02 2005

       this is a very handy idea [st3f] and a surefire way to meet potential partners.
benfrost, Jul 02 2005

       what become entangled, you mean?
po, Jul 02 2005

       I can imagine a little kid walking around with a kite on a stick with a sad expression on his face, because he can't fly a real kite.   

       [baconbrain]! What the blazes is that thing?
finrod, Jul 02 2005

       This seems to defeat the purpose of a kite.   

       why carry it? just stick it in the ground and watch.
benfrost, Jul 03 2005

       //[baconbrain]! What the blazes is that thing?// A solar-powered hot air balloon.   

       It is a tube of very lightweight black plastic. You tie one end closed, swoosh it full of air and tie the other end closed. After a few minutes in the sunlight, the bag absorbs enough heat to start floating.
The instructions say to keep a string tied to it. If you were, hypothetically speaking, to release one over a major city, it would tumble slowly up into the sky and drift around causing much confusion. Or so I've heard.
If I ever find any more, I'm going to tie them together to make a floating person . . .
baconbrain, Jul 03 2005

       thought you said a floating prison.
po, Jul 03 2005

       A floating prison would be hard to escape from. Unless your buddies owned helicopters or had alot of pillows.
daseva, Jul 03 2005

       Perfect. +
sartep, Jul 03 2005

       (+) Just one question though [st3f], how do you reel it in?   

       Brilliant. You had your + with the title alone.
Texticle, Jul 03 2005

       2 fries: Surreptitiously, behind a tree. What was the question, again?
st3f, Jul 04 2005


       A stick wouldn't cut it as there would be structural considerations that building codes would require be addressed. I would suggest the kite be held up with a guide wire supported column made of 3/4" steel I-beams encased in pre-stressed concrete with two layers of re-bar to achieve full structural integrity during any seismic events. A special environmental impact unit would have to be formed to study any possible detrimental effects to indigenous flora and fauna and any buildings built to house the environmental impact study committee would also need to be looked at from an environmental impact standpoint. Additionally, a cultural sensitivity committee should be formed to make sure diversity issues are addressed during the hiring process for any "kite flying project" support personnel.
doctorremulac3, Jul 04 2005

       Take one kite handle reel, preferably one of those from a stunt kite that look impressive but, and here's the clever bit, do NOT attach string or kite. Go to a much frequented hill on a windy day and pretend you have a kite and are an expert in stunt-flying. Snigger as group of bemused skyward-squinting people gather round you.
squeak, Jul 06 2005

       Aww! +   

       I could totally see this being used as a prop in a play. :)
XSarenkaX, Jul 06 2005

       Aww! +. XSX.
blissmiss, Jul 07 2005

       Superb idea. I salute you.
thesmog, Jul 07 2005

       But where's the love?
harderthanjesus, Jul 07 2005


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