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LCD-TV Microwave

Replace the protective door with an LCD display.
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With space being of concern in most kitchens, Why not combine a 15" LCD-TV and Microwave. A simple soluion, especially for dorm rooms and other small areas where combining multiple appliance would save space.
ddgarnes, Dec 10 2003

Whirlpool Concept TV Microwave [via engadget] http://www.engadget...y/1234000053062347/
[jutta, Oct 08 2005]

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       May as well just make it an LCD monitor connected to a computer with a TV tuner card to save even more space.   

       Will there be a camera inside the microwave so we can still see what's cooking inside?
half, Dec 10 2003

       This would have been wonderful in my last closet...err...apartment that I lived in. [+]   

       They have a refrigerator with a TV in the door now. Why not expand that to the microwave. Nice idea [ddg]
Klaatu, Dec 10 2003

       Instead of going 'beep' when the food is ready, you could have the LCD screen display the multi-talented Jamie Oliver announcing in his glorious mockney voice "Oi! Your food's ready, and it looks pukka!"
dobtabulous, Dec 10 2003

       No more having to miss a part of your show to fetch Ramen.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 10 2003

       You'd have to have cable... Microwaves really mess up reception.
Condiment, Dec 10 2003

       A couple years back someone was trying to bake this. I assume since I can't seem to find any web sites about it that it failed as I suspected it would. They were actually putting an entire computer in the microwave with a flat panel touch screen display, but since a computer can generally be made to display TV, I'm considering your idea to be a subset of that implementation.   

       I don't see any advantage of this over having a microwave and a separate flat panel display. If space is really so tight in your apartment that there is no wall space at all where the TV can be hung, you could just hang the flat panel screen on the front of your microwave, but I'd think it would be better to hang it on the refrigerator or a cuboard door, since those don't have windows that you'd like to be able to see through.   

       Even if you put a camera inside so you could see the food, that's a very expensive solution to a problem that didn't need to be created in the first place. And even with the best LCD screen available, I can't imagine being able to see the food as clearly (and in 3D) as you can through a microwave window.   

       In a dorm room it would be very annoying if one person was trying to watch a show while another person wanted to reheat some food. The TV would not be viewable whenever someone opened the door, and the person cooking couldn't see the food without interrupting the show.   

       Unless they make the parts replacable (who does that now days?), if either the TV or the microwave breaks, you'll have to replace both.   

       The only reason I can think of that would make someone even consider this idea is that a microwave looks similar to a TV, so people imagine that one appliance could do both, but with the technology needed to accompish that (flat panel TV), the only advantage (space savings) can be had without the drawbacks of combining the two.   

       Sorry to bash your first idea (unless there were others that were deleted), and good luck on future ones. I think I have some pent-up anger because when I saw that microwave/computer a couple years ago, I had no real outlet to critisize it. The half-bakery is a much more appropriate forum for this idea than the real world.
scad mientist, Dec 10 2003

       My mother always said too much TV will make me go blind. Standing too close to the microwave will make me sterile.   

       I finally see how "touching myself" will make me go blind!!!
sputnik, Dec 11 2003

       LCD flat panel refrigerators exist.
waugsqueke, Dec 11 2003


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