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Large Legs Rail Road Crossing

Using sex appeal to get people to notice locomotives
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Replace the usual barriers that swing down to block cars and pedestrians from crossing the tracks as trains are going by with large fiberglass legs. Train tracks would run between pair of legs as the length of each would be long enough to block both lanes of traffic. Legs would light up and be yellow in color. When no trains are near the legs would point skyward and be unlit. Could be decorated with pantyhose and shoes to get more attention.

Used next to tunnels will only highlight the train tunnel sexual inuendo.

MrDaliLlama, Feb 14 2005

Bob loves them all ready http://images.drpsh...eround/hov_legs.jpg
[benfrost, Feb 14 2005]

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       Very cute, until the legs decide they're sick of being exploited, and run off to to make the big bucks working as a whiskey billboard. Why work the streets when they could kick up their heels.   

       There's no stopping men from adorning their private property with whatever images of women assuage their egos, but could we at least keep public street signage free of sexism?
robinism, Feb 14 2005

       Would it be more agreeable to you if one leg was male and one was female?
wagster, Feb 14 2005

       The natural tendency would be to position oneself between the legs, surely.
Shz, Feb 14 2005

       // Would it be more agreeable to you if one leg was male and one was female? //   

       uh, no.
swamilad, Feb 14 2005

       "Would it be more agreeable to you if one leg was male and one was female?"   

       I think it would be agreeable to me if it were "Human Legs Railroad Crossing," with several types of legs, used in random pairings at different railroad crossings. For example:
Male executive legs: Pinstripe trousers and black laceup shoes with a high shine
Hiking legs: Hiking boots and blue jeans
Kid legs: long baggie shorts and fancy tennis shoes
Weightlifter legs: Massive bulging muscles
Ballerina legs: White tights, and pink satin toe-shoes with criss cross ribbons up the calf
Football legs: Football pants with protective padding, and shoes with spikes
Hockey legs - hockey uniform and skates
Dancehall girl legs - High heeled dancing shoes, fishnet stockings, garter, etc.
Soldier legs: camouflage uniform and army boots
Harem legs: baloony pants and curl-toed shoes
robinism, Feb 15 2005

       Why not just great stocking to go over any long, stark, and mechanical tilter?
reensure, Feb 15 2005


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