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Laser Goal

Light speed playing
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Like rugby with mirrors.

The light sensitive goal is say 50 yards away and 12 yards high, but is not with in the line of site of the gunners. A hanging mirrored strip is placed in the line of sight of the gunners placed at either end to prevent them from having a clear shot of the goals.

10 players from each team with mirrored shields have to stand in such a way as to reflect the laser light to the opposite goal even if that light is coming from the opposing teams laser.

The laser when fired lasts for one second giving players time to line up to the goal. The gunner laser is a fixed swiveling and panning device that is about the height of the head of the gunner. It also comes equiped with a green and a blue laser. Green laser worth 5 points, blue laser worth 10 points, red laser worth 1 point. Gunner is only able to get 6 shots with the green laser and 3 shots with the glue laser.

sartep, Aug 20 2003

Computer Game: Dazzle Darts (1970ies) http://www.kaleberg.../dazzle/dazzle.html
[jutta, Aug 20 2005]

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       Blinding the other players and/or spectators not permitted. Engraving their hotdogs on the other hand...
phoenix, Aug 21 2003

       I thought it said Laser Goat. Eats your trash and corrects your vision.
Vexxy, Aug 21 2003

       The lasers would have to be totally weak so as not to blind people, though they could play it with no spectators and all the player wearing eye protection.
squigbobble, Feb 19 2004

       Instead of different colored lasers, how about a goal scores one point, plus one point for each time the laser was reflected on the way to the goal? This encourages trick shots. And if you reflect the other team's laser into their own goal, the score is double.   

       If you get the chance, read the short story _Bullard Reflects_, by Malcolm Jameson. A game similar to this is described.
Xenophile, Aug 15 2004

       Thank you for the Dazzle Darts link! This game can now be played in real life, if eyes are protected.
Xenophile, Jun 07 2006


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