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Laser Phone

Integrate a laser mouse into your mobile phone
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This might be a "why did I think of that" moment, but I think that combining the two devices would have its uses.

You would be used to the way your mouse works and feels. Not that mice vary wildly, but I'm happiest with the one on my home PC.

Secondly, bluetooth capability would allow the mouse phone to talk to suitable PCs without any extra hardware.

When phone technology matures sufficiently, the processing could be done on the phone itself. In the meantime, the phone could function as a data storage medium.

Given that my optical mouse runs for a week on its two rechargeable batteries, I don't see power consumption as a problem. In fact, I can't see any real disadvantages to including this in a modern phone.

[inspired by 'Computer on a Mouse']

david_scothern, Jul 05 2006

This may make it hard to implement. http://money.cnn.co...ones_work/index.htm
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jul 06 2006]

Phone (not mobile) / Mouse http://www.fontusa.com/MousePhone/
http://www.fontusa.com/MousePhone/ [monojohnny, Jul 06 2006]

Getting warmer... http://www.engadget...e-sony-mouse-phone/
Not sure if this is a laser mouse.. [monojohnny, Jul 06 2006]

This is a laser mouse. http://www.logitech...ID=3,CONTENTID=9043
Uses a laser instead of an LED. Unnecessary though; I agree with [crash] [david_scothern, Jul 07 2006]


       Phone mouse? No bun. Bluetooth enabled data storage on phone? Bun.
wagster, Jul 05 2006

       Data storage on bluetooth-enabled phone! What *will* he think of next?
methinksnot, Jul 05 2006

       What is a laser mouse?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 05 2006

       Well, "led mouse" doesn't sound very cool.
crash, Jul 05 2006

       thumbs up, or buns up. a phone that could be used as a mouse, by switching to "mouse mode" and used through bluetooth would be wonderful for laptoppers who want to be free of another device.   

       but a mouse-phone,.. that would suck.   

       just add it as an invisible feature so that the phone still looks like , purely, a phone.   

twitch, Jul 05 2006

       Yes. I would like it if my 'phone doubled duty as a mouse.
neelandan, Jul 06 2006

       at least partially baked. You can use most recent bluetooth phones' joystick or directionpad button as a mouse if your PC has blutooth and you have the approproate software for your phone and PC. My mate does this with his Mac and his Sony ericson phone.
webfishrune, Jul 06 2006

       See links - not quite baked though - as the Sony mouse is a VOIP device and the other one is a landline-phone I think..
monojohnny, Jul 06 2006

       Working on computer, moving mouse, mouse/phone rings, pickup while pressing "answer", talk, person on the other end asks for information which is in my computer...   

       I loved the idea up until that last step.
James Newton, Jul 06 2006

       Agree with [James Newton] - bluetooth headset needed to eliminate this problem.
monojohnny, Jul 06 2006


       I almost reposted this - drop a mouse laser/sensor into the back of a cellphone; use as a bluetooth mouse with touchscreen buttons.   

       Pretty obvious, really. Too obvious ?
FlyingToaster, Mar 18 2018


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