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Learn typing text adventure

An actually entertaining way to learn typing
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In this revolutionary way of learning typing, instead of repeating line after line after line, you play a text-based RPG that adjusts what it requires you to type based on your progress. For example, if you only know the home row, all instructions will be typed only with the home row. As you learn more letters, the commands for the game become diverse. From maybe "a" to go forward, to "move north." Actual gameplay would involve traditional typing exercises to preform activities. Typing a page in under ten minutes to defeat a boss, or repetition exercises for mining.
Dominov, Feb 03 2007

Vim Adventures http://vim-adventures.com
[swimswim, Oct 23 2013]

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       I voted for this, but I find it odd that there are 9 buns, and no annos prior to this one (types faster for bonus points)
normzone, Feb 05 2007

       when i was in japan, i ran into arcade games that were modified for typing. i particularly remember typing of the dead, where you raced to type out the randomly assigned name of each zombie. great fun until you started to have six or seven zombies with odd punctuation marks chasing after you.
tcarson, Feb 06 2007

       //9 buns, and no annos// that's clearly because it's so brilliant, obvious and useful that no comment is necessary
BunsenHoneydew, Feb 06 2007

       No reason why this couldn't be expanded to also improve comprehension skills at the same time.
calum, Feb 06 2007


       Lumosity has a game called "Raindrops" that quickly forces you to learn the numeric keypad. A similar game would work for the full keyboard. Do it.
popbottle, Oct 23 2013

       A variant of this has been baked, specifically for learning Vim. (Link)
swimswim, Oct 23 2013

       what tcarson said.
not_morrison_rm, Oct 23 2013


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