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Leftovers Box String

Attach string to box.
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The little plastic boxes that they give you at restaurants for leftovers should come with a 4' long thread attached, with a piece of velcro on the end. The thread is attached to your finger, preventing you from leaving the box at the restaurant or in your car.
DIYMatt, Apr 13 2015

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       What? Why don't you hang it around your neck?
xandram, Apr 13 2015

       I think this idea fills an unneeded meet.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 13 2015

       Good one xandie. Not so sure about the original idea though.
blissmiss, Apr 13 2015

       The "Poor Hungry Cab Drivers and Bar Owners Union" has yet to make a statement on this. ( On the one hand it is food, but on the other it is leftovers. )
popbottle, Apr 14 2015


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