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Lifestyles of the Poor and Nameless

The inverse of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous"
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Simple concept really, just like the horrid Robin Leech envy-fest "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous", except it focuses on the living habits, homes, activities etc. of down-and-out nobodys. Watching this show would make one feel a lot better about one's own circumstances, and the deadbeats featured would surely be more interesting than the self-important airheads on Leech's program.
BertieWooster, Jul 17 2001

Where Were They Ever?!? http://www.halfbake...0They_20Ever_3f!_3f
Similar idea. Rich and Famous : Poor and Nameless
= Where Are They Now : Where Were They Ever [jutta, Jul 17 2001]

(?) peoplecards http://www.peoplecards.net/
Non-famous people trading cards. Collect all six billion! [hippo, Jan 24 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I live in philly, I see this show everyday at 7-11, lets just its not really a pretty show to watch.
Vavon, Jul 17 2001

       I agree, BW. I occasionally catch a slightly less odious version of "Lifestyles": MTV's "Cribs". On a typical episode of "Cribs", the MTV camera follows a pop star around his or her fabulous home, right down to the closets, the bathrooms and the contents of the giant refrigerators.   

       For months, I've had a perverse desire to host an episode of "Cribs" in my tiny studio apartment. I'd show the camera the doorknob-sized dent in the wall left by the previous tenant; my most recent ant invasion, and where I keep the heavy pesticides; the earthquake kit in the storage room. I'd block the closet view, though -- it's a mess, and everything I wear is black anyway. Nothing to see there.   

       I don't think I'd have to go looking for sponsors. I'm sure the fine insect-killing chemists at Raid would be happy to host a spot or two ...
1percent, Jul 17 2001

       Waugs, either that or 'Cops'.
StarChaser, Jul 19 2001

       Actually, I think you could find a very diverse, intelligent, entertaining, and (pleaze, for once!) unstereotypical bunch of people among the poor and nameless. As for the Springer show, each episode is a game Dr. Eric Berne referred to as "let's you and him fight". A sick and stupid game, in my opinion. As for intelligent programming on non-cable TV, probably violates some iron law of economics or another.
cypherpunks, Oct 19 2001


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