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Light Sabre Technics

Refried theoretics to the feasability of a Star Wars throwback
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(One Mo' Time! New Link added featuring Lawrence Livermore National Labs 2009 Laser Project)

The weapon of choice for a Jedi Knight. But I'm more than certain each of you can tell me more than even Stephen Spielberg about the theoretic contrivance. But what about a fresh look at practicality with updated and modern advances?

The new recipe list:

carbon fiber strands hydrogen plasma medium maser MMF propulsion EHF frequency microwaves

First, an expandable, collapsable carbon fiber tube (eh, say 1cm cylindricity fully distended; 3.5cm retracted) would have to be weaved utilizing the newfound 'carbon strands', resembling a stint or fingercuffs.

This feature would contain the hydrogen medium that gives the sabre its flourescent glow.

Upon firing up the novelty, a (weak) 'maser' microwave beam will be directed from the handle, to propel a reflective amulet affixed to the end of the carbon shaft.

That beam is then reflected back to a matching reflective surface at the beam's origin in the handle creating a redundant cycle of energy, heating the hydrogen flux core.

The amulet and the tube become charged with energy, as they create 'total internal reflection' and act as a 'waveguide' to the 'super high frequency' (EHF) beam.

Just like fiber optics!

Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

The Amulet Model http://www.youtube....watch?v=KtH-SxqdtaA
[Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008]

Lawrence Livermore National Labs 2009 Laser Project http://www.pyrabang.com?id=413066
[Macdaddyx1, May 31 2009]

Plasma cutter http://www.youtube....watch?v=6W3tLDBdPQQ
I got your lightsaber right here. [Zimmy, Jun 02 2009]


       Check the Wiki facts on the quoted terms...   

       The mesh configuration is fishnet or hex. Argon, neon, or other could sub for hydrogen; (just thought! Might get water explosion.. H2O boom!)   

       Gimme a break on the power source considerations. That's a whole nother discipline.
Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

       Don't be stupid, [Bubba]. EVERYONE knows you need at least 5 D-cells to run a light sabre. 6 is better.   

       Reading this idea, I can tell you he had got the technology exactly correct, in all aspects. Except it looks like he's reversed the polarity on the flux capacitor.. That's probably the only reason no one's gotten this to work yet.
Custardguts, Feb 12 2008

       <slaps forehead> Jeeze! I can't believe we've been so stoopid!
theleopard, Feb 12 2008

       //Stephen Spielberg// sp. "George Lucas", shirley?

Interesting: "light sabre", "fiber optics".
coprocephalous, Feb 12 2008

       Only one comment on the technix feasability?   

       Usually, if & when I happen to 'eff-up' Jutta throws the pentalty flag, but I'll take your advice and check the help files.   

       (Uni: .. you can put the human dentures back in now; the pitbull canines are locked firmly on my left azz-cheek... )
Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

       Stephen will call George and say, " hey George, isn't this your movie?" (two birds with one stone) They'll both speculate on my sanity, and then say, "..he's imaginative. Send him to Quentin.."
Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

       [Mac] - I must admit I was confused reading this. It's a bit like management-speak. You've got a lot of catch-words, mentioning hot topics like carbon nanotubes, masers, stents, etc. It's just the idea isn't really knitted together with a lot of fundamental understanding of how these things work. Frankly the idea that you might think this would work, or even that you might think it's feasible with today's technology is absurd.
Custardguts, Feb 12 2008

       [CustardGuts] I know, I know. My suggestions and annos are a little high end. I did say check the Wiki. (view the amulet model)   

       I must remember, I'm not addressing a board of Geeks; more like couch potato groupies who's imaginations can't get past their bi-focals.
Macdaddyx1, Feb 12 2008

       Oooh he played the "imagination" card...   

       Demand for playing our half-baking game by the stated rules is so stifling, I know. So just let your imagination run wild. How's that perpetual motion machine coming along?
globaltourniquet, Feb 12 2008

       // Wasn't it cool, that thing I saw in a movie..// I disagree, hemently, [oneredneck]. The posted idea is actually a suggestion on how to implement a light-sabre (or at least something that looks like one), up to and including the point where it goes "zzeume" and extends.   

       OK, so the mechanics behind it may be a little flakey, but are you telling me that mechanical flakiness is a sin here? Come on, smile. Just a bit.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 12 2008

       Half-bakery sin is quite ineffible. It's a cultural idiosyncrasy, and my take on it is that it is very much individually applied.   

       But that being said, there is a Bible, called the help file, that is explicit - if in some cases seemingly arbitrary - about certain things. For the most part, these are things most half-bakers are tired of seeing over and over again. Real Light Sabres happens to be one of these. You have hit a nerve point, and there is never any hope for any such idea. Like it or not.   

       In fact, even if you truly did figure out how to make it work (which, by the way, you didn't) you would be summarily dismissed, simply because of the weariness of the subject.   

       Less WTCTTISITMWIBNIIWR, and more viticombs.
globaltourniquet, Feb 12 2008

       //My suggestions and annos are a little high end// //more like couch potato groupies who's imaginations can't get past their bi-focals//   

       Holy crap. Dude, this disparate collection of techno-babble and half-formed concepts you have passed off as an idea simply won't work, and just shows you don't really know what you're talking about. Comments like the ones I have quoted you from will not edear you to anyone around here.
Custardguts, Feb 12 2008

       And as for imagination, the very reason that WTCTTISITM... entries are [marked-for-deletion] has much to do with their distinct lack of same. That is to say, it is quite unimaginative in this community to post an idea for implementing IRL something you saw on the screen. This interdiction is well established here.
globaltourniquet, Feb 12 2008

       All right, points well taken. Thanks for the gracious [+'s] and in-structive criticism.   

       Moving to next!
Macdaddyx1, Feb 13 2008

       why go to such lengths to build something that is available at any toystore, namely a look-alike, sound-alike that shatters at the slightest use-alike notion
loonquawl, Jun 02 2009


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