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Light Up The Skis

Add Lights To Skis to make them better visible
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Improve skiing in foggy weather and light up the mountain during night skiing

A variety of energy sources is available:

1) Batteries built into the body of the ski
2) Piezoelectric, already used for some skis to control stiffness
3) wind (mount a small fan)

Use the energy to add headlights above ski tips or just add a decorative strip of LED lights

theircompetitor, Jan 13 2004


       I've recently moved to Seattle from California, and have discovered that there is no sun while skiing here. The sky provides light, but it's a very flat light that comes evenly from all parts of the sky as it's completely covered in clouds. This makes skiing quite difficult, as moguls have no shadows so you can't easily tell their height. Having bright lights on your skis could alleviate this problem.
Worldgineer, Jan 13 2004

       Hmmm, fog lamps for skis. Wait, doesn't fog turn into ice when it's cold enough to ski? Would'nt a miner's lamp (in addition) be helpful? What about daytime running lamps? ;-)
DarkVengeance, Jan 13 2004

       Miner's lamp to the helmet -- definitely
theircompetitor, Jan 13 2004

       *Not recomended for epileptic skiers.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 13 2004

       And superfluous for blind ones
theircompetitor, Jan 13 2004

       Worldgineer, as a fellow northwestern transplant, I'm glad I'm not the only one who found the skiing more difficult here. I hadn't given much thought to the play of light and shadow to the depth perception, and all this time I was just thinking I was out of practice.
Freefall, Jan 13 2004

       4) Thermo electric elements in the soles of you boots, hot sweaty feet heat one side and snow cools the other side.
kbecker, Jan 13 2004

       I like the miners' helmet (or head-light) as far as being able to light up the path... but mini-lights (even twinklers) on the skis would be fun. (Maybe built in at the sides... no worry for those considering siezures)
no12pass, Jan 13 2004

       Keep Watching the Skis!
oneoffdave, Jan 14 2004

       I've been blinded by science.   

       You could also make them beep so you know when other skiers are approaching.
k_sra, Jan 16 2004

       Alternate power source: paddlewheel built into ski.
Worldgineer, Jan 16 2004

       hmm: paddlewheel. Ski and groom at the same time
theircompetitor, Jan 16 2004

       You could have neons for you skis!
Space-Pope, Jan 16 2004

       Glow-in-the-dark snow?
DrCurry, Jan 16 2004

       Turn signals ( indicators)?
python, Jan 16 2004

       I like the idea of having little fans mounted on the ends of your skies: provides energy source for lights, wind for cooling face, and geek factor!
benlevi7, Jan 17 2004


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