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Liquid Crystal Toilet Seat

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I hate when I sit on a public toilet seat and it's warm. (indicating that someone else has just gotten up from it a moment ago.)

If toilet seats had a small section of clear plastic underlaid with liquid crystal, then you could tell from the color whether the seat had cooled back down to below body temperature.

phundug, Jun 04 2007


       Hah! A (+) from me, because I suffer the same aversion. And I like the idea of a fancy technology applied to a public toilet.
awesomest, Jun 04 2007

       [+] for hypercolor toilet seats.
bleh, Jun 04 2007

       This isn't fancy technology. When I was a kid I had a liquid crystal disk from a museum gift shop for 99¢, that turned black, brown, green, and blue, in order of hotness, when you handled it. It changed quickly.
phundug, Jun 04 2007

       Horrible idea, only good for driving the porcelain bus.   

       As to [hyperordered crystalline carbon] toilet seats: The ultimate in bling! I'll bun that (both figuratively and literally). [+]
nuclear hobo, Jun 04 2007


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