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Lobbyist Miniseries

Political Drama, From The Trenches
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The yet-unnamed series follows several lobbyists that each try to influence government policy in a western democracy according to their (or their bosses) agenda. The lead characters range from activist lawyer to clergyman to well-paid mercenary.

The series is dedicated to a major Issue (e.g. death penalty) which is to be decided by parliament. Spin-offs could reach out to local issues.

erlehmann, Dec 12 2008

Wikipedia: Lobbyist, Korean TV series http://en.wikipedia...el_(2007_TV_series)
[jutta, Dec 12 2008]


       This surely has been well baked. Absolute Power being a humourous example.
Gordon Comstock, Dec 12 2008

       Come and see the corruption that's inherent in the system?
Laughs Last, Dec 12 2008

       I like this. But I would like this better if it steered away from hot-button issue obviousness and into complex plot and counterplot as each lobby group engages in an ultimately internecine multi-aggressor war, each pushing for or against whatever doctrine is for them most lucrative, all the while scoping paranoid the moves of their enemies, alliances formed and broken as oft and quickly as amino chains, truces and pacts made sotto voce in striplit governmental corridors, freshfaced graduates shading grizzled, frayed as they twist and writhe to save themselves from drowning in The Game, while husk-souled veterans whisper sweetly garlanded mistruths into the waxy Ears of Power and dollars, yen, pounds and other marginal, more exotic currencies are wired to accounts protected by expensively-shod Mitteleuropean accountants. Balls to the effects, to the impact, I want to revel in the grimy intriguing.
calum, Dec 12 2008

       [Calum], you should write the book.
zeno, Dec 12 2008

       [calum], of course it needs to have complex subplots. But financial aspects shouldn't be the only ones, civil rights should matter, too.
erlehmann, Dec 12 2008

       There could be a crypto-Paranoid educational stripe to this programme, were it possible to produce quickly enough. For example, one series could focus on central and investment bank pressure being brought to bear on the in a number of only hazily legal ways as to the terms of the public sector-ravaging "recovery plan": neatly-dressed American and Far Eastern advisors appearing, without any announcement or security clearance, in the offices of a beleaguered Taoiseach to provide, unasked, plausible but unverifiable explanations of the catastrophic financial and personal repercussions if recommendations are ignored, before the scope of the show widens to the out into blunt force bribery and blackmail of faction-leading Deputies and Senators, muck gets raked and shakedown men dust down their black books to fly in hookers and flashbulbs, the lobbyists themselves having only brief airport lounge moments to hiss-whisper blowback risk analyses for revealing the secrets that form their last-gasp levers on those in nominal power.   

       There could also be an Assange series, with lobbyists flying all over, working their black arts on ISPs, heads of state and police forces.
calum, Dec 07 2010


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