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Lunchroom Microwave Oven with User Name and Password Access

This is only for the purpose of displaying the name of the last one to use it
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I don't mind cleaning up after the last person to use the microwave. I don't mind it at all. The grimy residue of the slime he or she calls lunch doesn't turn my stomach before my own meal at all.

So why do I want to know the name of the person after whom I am cleaning up? Oh, no particular reason...

globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

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       A sad sad Situation :   

       Alice makes a giant leg of Souvlaki (spin meat) in the microwave. bits of grease and flesh explode off and coat the microwave. Inconsiderate Alice does not clean up after herself.   

       Betty comes in a few minutes later and makes popcorn. Sure, it is gross, but why clean up someone elses' mess?   

       enter globaltourniquet. He(?) was supposed to fall in love with betty, woman of his dreams in scene 3, but because he determined that betty is a slob, he marries alice instead.   

       In scene 5, after being yelled at one too many times for leaving the microwave dirty and the toilet seat up, alice goes ballistic, castrates globaltourniquet, and makes a new style Souvlaki.
ericscottf, Mar 20 2008

       //He(?) was supposed to fall in love with betty, woman of his dreams //   

       But the pile of soiled paper towels on Betty's keyboard prompted her to defend herself publicly, at which point [gt] found her and they worked out the facts, did a number on Alice's cubicle, and lived happily ever after.
globaltourniquet, Mar 20 2008

       [-] Sorry but I can't go along with this one. If someone can't own up to cleaning up behind themselves they are only going to say, "it was dirty when I used it but I didn't have time go after the last person"
Jscotty, Mar 20 2008

       + to Eric Scot TF
~ to the idea, which would have been good if it was for simple control of usage.
pashute, May 28 2014


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