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MP3 player for Docs

MP3 player in a stethoscope
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I'll be brief: MP3 player for doctors, built inside a stethoscope.
slovakmartin, Dec 11 2013

http://www.yatzer.c...scope-Robert-Majkut ooops! (in fairness it's not quite the same) [xenzag, Dec 11 2013]

MP3 player for doctors, built inside a stethoscope. http://www.techgadg...lberta-researchers/
now you really are going to hate me [xenzag, Dec 11 2013]

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       I may have said this before, often, but this is the best idea I have read here.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 11 2013

       I am a doctor (a real doctor, with a PhD, not one of those 'medical' doctors) and already have a MP3 player so I'd be more interested in having a stethoscope built into my MP3 player than this.
hippo, Dec 12 2013

       // I am a doctor //   

       Doctor Hippo ... although clearly not THE Doctor ...   

       Which is good, because a spinoff series entitled "Torch Poo Dip" sounds more than a little suspect.
8th of 7, Dec 12 2013


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