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Magic-Eye Carpet

Casino-like Carpeting that snaps into 3d when you stare at it.
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Uses: Casinos etc.

One could even embed hidden ads in it.

ShawnBob, May 14 2010


       could it contain images of cats to deter mice?
po, May 14 2010

       I'll bun this if you remove the ads bit.
wagster, May 14 2010

       Suggested embedded image for use in casinos: a casino, for maximum disorientation.
calum, May 14 2010

       I can't help thinking of that bit in Fear and Loathing when they're trying to check in.   

       Embedded adverts- "If you can read this, you really shouldn't be driving - call 888-CABS"
zen_tom, May 14 2010


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