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Magna-doodle display

for your low-refresh pleasure
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What's a magna doodle anyway? a piece of plastic with oil and some metallic dust inside.. so.. why not make it bigger? it could be put on a whole wall, and instead of drawing with a pen , a row of electromagnets on the back would write using el pulses, just like a printer. - requires no power to keep image once you write it - pretty good resoloution from a distance of few feet & up - great outdoors - and no problems with sunlight - really cool!

AND - if someone would find a way to make the resoloution at least 3x better - it could be great for ebooks!! (I can't stand reading books from lcd screens)

disadvantages? well, try to get kids with magnets away from it ...otherwise it'll become a huge toy..

p.s i'm gonna bake this one day! so don't go around stealing my idea or a curse will come on your head! (probably patented anyway..)

cheers from israel!

supershnitzel, Jan 31 2004

Can't beat a good magna etcha idea. http://www.halfbake...ea/GiantEtchasketch
[jonthegeologist, Oct 04 2004]

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       dosen't have to be <electro>magnets... could be fixed stylus-type magnets with up-down servos -- just like the old 9 pin printers...
supershnitzel, Feb 01 2004


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