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Magnetically Suspended Mirrors Telescope

Optical telscope made of tiny small suspended in magnetic field.
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Actuators, like elevators on rails, rise the mirrors to approximate position to form a parabola. Then, precise, computer-controlled magnetic field rotates the mirror bits sitting in vacuum bubbles (like light bulbs) precisely to form a parabola. with a focal point. A strong drone with stabilizer flies to the focal point, carrying an ocular, and a CCD camera.

A hope: 0.5 kilometer-diameter telescope.

Inyuki, May 13 2015

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       If the mirrors are inside evacuated glass modules, then the light will probably be distorted passing through the glass. It can be compensated-for, of course, at the cost of making each mirror more complex.
Vernon, May 13 2015

       [Vernon], I was just afraid of the winds, if they were suspended in magnetic field, and that's why evacuated glass modules.
Inyuki, May 13 2015

       This might makes even more sense as a space telescope. You don't have to worry about wind in orbit. This could make the telescope expandable by dividing the mirrors into several launches. Also, if it gets hit by a piece of space debris, it might only take out a couple mirrors.   

       Of course it might be a lot harder to move the whole thing to avoid space debris.
scad mientist, May 13 2015


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