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Make Boarding Schools Compulsory to Reduce Congestion

Make Boarding Schools Compulsory to Reduce Congestion
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Make it compulsory for children to be in boarding schools from Sunday night to Saturday morning. This would instantly remove the majority of congestion from urban roads.

It would also mean kids could be in classes for longer hours, have controlled diets to stop the increase in obesity and allow both parents to work increasing the productivity of the country.

There, I’ve reduced pollution, increased education, saved lives and boosted the economy!!!

Aqua Guy, Aug 05 2010


       ...and made every child miserable and psychologically damaged forever. Not sure whether this is good or bad yet. Vote withheld pending divine guidance.
DrBob, Aug 05 2010

       The majority of congestion? It would reduce it slightly admittedly, but mandatory carpooling for the working parents would do much more.
MechE, Aug 05 2010

       How does reducing the number of bicycles and pedestrians remove congestion from urban roads, or reduce obesity?
pocmloc, Aug 05 2010

       Better, make it compulsory for children who live less than 1 km from the school to walk or cycle instead of being driven.   

       This will reduce carbon emissions, make the kids fitter, and allow natural selection to operate effectively; the slow, the inattentive and the unfit will perish.
8th of 7, Aug 05 2010

       Pah! Obvious solution would be the opposite. Schools are the educators of last resort.
nineteenthly, Aug 05 2010

       You've also required every school to have dormitories, leading to wasted space and duplicated facilities. And reduced the chance for kids with siblings to spend time with them. [-]
gisho, Aug 05 2010

       School buses would seem an obviously better solution. Every time I go to the US and see school buses, it reminds me that every nation has a redeeming virtue.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2010

       ...most kids I know that went to boarding school have some serious problems, whether behavioral, emotional, or just plain EFFed up! Missing the parental guidance and affection has it's damaging effects on young people. [-] I don't like the word *compulsory* anyway.
xandram, Aug 05 2010

       How about "mandatory" then?
Custardguts, Aug 05 2010

       //most kids I know that went to boarding school have some serious problems//   

       You may be confusing cause and effect.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 05 2010

       //don't like the word *compulsory* anyway// See, if you'd gone to boarding school, that word might even give you a little frisson. I would also like to point out that people who went to boarding schools do *not* have any monoply on serious problems.
mouseposture, Aug 06 2010

       The history of compulsory boarding schools makes this idea in bad taste.
rcarty, Aug 06 2010

       Why don't you make SKATE Boarding Schools to reduce congestion? The kids would have more fun, and the parents might enjoy night school. And while you're at it, perhaps switch from "compulsory" to "desultory" because... oh look! A shiny penny! Or maybe a bone... [-]
Grogster, Aug 06 2010

       How about WATER Boarding schools. They would also help reduce congestion, particularly of the nasal kind. And the teachers would have much more fun.
DrBob, Aug 10 2010

       "Stand-by to repel boarders!" was the rallying cry of the day-boys at my school.
coprocephalous, Aug 10 2010


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