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Manual Light Switch Timer

Vacation Timers for non-lamp lights
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A manual mechanism that attaches over a regular light switch. Turns the switch on and off at specified intervals while you are on vacation. Also available for dimmer switches.

Anyone casing our house will know we are on vacation as soon as they see that the only lights on in the house are the two lamps we have...this will make our house look much more realistically lived in.

blahginger, Jul 13 2003

Additional switch http://www.smarthom...mart_switches1.html
You can also get a module that switches light at random. [kbecker, Oct 04 2004]

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       Somewhat baked (see link), but a plain mechanical device that you can hook onto any switch would be new.
kbecker, Jul 13 2003

       Not so realistically lived in when they see the boxy object on the light switch. Better bake one that fits behind the plate. Bun for common sense though.   

       "Hmm, they're only using the lava lamp, and that big thing shaped like a leg for illumination..."
ye_river_xiv, Jun 28 2006


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