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Mayday-Mayday Wheelchair Relay

international motorised wheelchair breakdown insurance service
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worried about breaking down at the side of the road? the MD-MDWR has the largest patrol force in the UK, we cycle to you as fast as possible with our fully equipped saddlebags and we will get to you quickly – on average within 35 minutes.

Option 1 - cheapest

roadside cover means assistance 1000 yards or less from your home. if the problem is not immediately repairable, you and your wheelchair will be towed home or to the nearest garage, whichever is closer.

Option 2 – not quite so cheap

as well as roadside cover, you get relay, which means we will transport you, your wheelchair and up to seven bags of shopping to your home or any other single UK mainland destination, if we can't fix the damn thing on the spot.

Option 3 – horribly expensive

if your wheelchair breaks down while you're driving somewhere foreign, would you know how to say 'please fix it' in another language?

MD-MDWR gives you 24-hour english-speaking telephone assistance, travel insurance, plus a whole lot more.

long journeys planned? we provide maps of the best possible routes .

po, Oct 05 2002

Option 1 Baked http://www.gov.mb.c.../2001-10-16-02.html
Manitoba's international, right? "technician, clerical support, vans and wheelchair parts" - sure looks like roadside assistance to me. Perhaps one of our Canadian viewers can shed light on this? [Nick@Nite, Oct 21 2004]

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       Can you fix my HD chopper chair?
FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2002

       Croissant for this one po. May not get enough business on it's own but as part of an auto breakdown service, would be an excellent idea.
Helium, Oct 05 2002

       Well, can you fix my tank-treaded, terrain chair?   

       Po...po, it's been more than 35 minutes.
FarmerJohn, Oct 05 2002

       coming... the chain broke on my bike and I had to call out the bicycle repair relay man.
po, Oct 07 2002

       Are you sure this is the right cat?
The Kat, Oct 07 2002

       what do you suggest? Mr/Ms Moggy
po, Oct 07 2002

       does it matter? pushed a couple in my time.   

       option 1 - baked, no not really. not a roadside service.
po, Oct 07 2002

       as far as they want to go - its a free world, Mr Nick - Smarty Pants!   

       we are talking independence here.
po, Oct 08 2002


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