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MerryGoRound Revolving Door

Start work with a "Wheeee!"
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The building where I work features a revolving door as the main entrance.

At busy times of day, this becomes an irritating bottleneck, slowing up my entrance to/egress from work.

When it comes to my turn and I'm inside the door, it inevitably depresses me with its overtones of hamster, paddling pointlessly in the corporate wheel.

So long as it's here, why not liven it up by installing MerryGoRound animals in each door segment?

Lights and jolly fairground music will play, as you mount your chosen steed and ride in or out the building in style.

To avoid slowing the passage of workers into the building more than it already is, easily mountable animals that do not require straddling will be used (eg. rabbits, ostritches, ducks, platypuses), so you can just jump quickly on and off.

It will enliven the crushing drudgery of existence for chair warmers such as myself - yes you have to punch in for another 8 hours of this waste, but at least you can enter with dignity on the back of a noble giant platypus.

It would also demonstrate equality in the workplace since everyone from the CEO down to the 9-5 drones arrives on the back of a giant novelty animal.

Far more effective in this respect than the practice of calling everyone a "colleague", methinks.

DocBrown, Feb 27 2004


       The music's got to have loads of reverb to give it that "dead baby on a swing" quality that fairground music should always have. +
saker, Feb 27 2004

       All the employee's small children will want to accompany dropping mom or dad off at work, so they can ride on the door.
oxen crossing, Feb 27 2004

       Well done, [colleague]. +
k_sra, Feb 27 2004

       + An escalator of sorts, outfitted in this manner would be fun, too.
half, Feb 27 2004

       I like that the animals don’t require straddling (you forgot tortoises.) You could also have horses outfitted with sidesaddles, which would add an air of elegance.
AO, Feb 27 2004

       Great idea, but the only prob is that people may get too excited about it and spend their full day of work just riding the 'merry go round revolving door' thus time & money wasting.
Daemonicbreeze, Feb 27 2004

       Hopefully it will take less than 1.2 Gigawatts to power it. Welcome to the bakery, Doc. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Feb 28 2004


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