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"Little Gnome in th Big City"
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Some people like gnomes, but they have little practical use. Now my idea gives them one.

What if we gave the gnome of choice a metronome, and placed it ontop of the piano, so it would keep time.

Stylish, useful, and you could stick it in the yard if you wanted to. (Then we could give all of the other gnomes instruments to play and create a GnomeBand)

DesertFox, Oct 09 2004

(??) Metrognome http://www.magictra...saga/Metrognome.JPG
Baked...in a card game? [vigilante, Oct 10 2004]

(?) Korg Metro Gnome micro- metronome http://www.korg.com....asp?a_prod_no=MM-1
[bleh, Jun 10 2007]


       gnice gnomenclature.   

       Saying gnothing. Bun +
gnomethang, Oct 09 2004

       What if he waggled his hips as he kept time a'tick?
Letsbuildafort, Oct 09 2004

vigilante, Oct 10 2004

       A pun in search of an idea?
half, Oct 10 2004

       Cranial Gnomes
Grittles, Jun 10 2007

       Korg made a metronome called the "metrognome" once. Its now called the minimetro (i believe). possibly because the gnomes got offended.   

       sp: the
bleh, Jun 10 2007


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