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portable personal takeout friendly
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Pocket size, folding or collapsable oven powered by a methane fuel cell or other non-solar power source. to be air dropped on fourth world countries to increase the sale of fast food and microwaveable frozen dinners. Perhaps this will create a need for pocket freezers.(plastic bag of dry ice?) The cost of these units must be kept to a minimum to avoid laying- off fast food workers.
BB Bagins, Nov 09 2002

Not Middle Earth http://www.unmuseum.org/hollow.htm
Harder to swallow than a Tolkein fantasy, but much funnnier... [snarfyguy, Oct 04 2004]

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       neat title.
po, Nov 09 2002

       I don't know much about these things, but wouldn't a methane fuel cell in your pocket be a little dangerous?
notme, Nov 09 2002

       "why non-solar?"   

       Because 4th world countries have no sunlight.
bristolz, Nov 09 2002

       4th world = secret race of people who live underground as per the hollow Earth theory?
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2002


       See link.
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2002

       Nah thats middle earth, whadaya know [snarfy] was right.
kaz, Nov 09 2002

       [snarfy] is always right - he told me to get a life, a year ago.
po, Nov 09 2002

       I did? That doesn't sound very snarfy...
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2002

       well perhaps it was *sharper* than that. it was pretty snarfy - darling - lovey - sausage - kiss- kiss -mmm
po, Nov 09 2002

       (tugging on collar) Is it me, or did the temperature in here just go up twenty degrees?
snarfyguy, Nov 09 2002

       Get a room! ;op
yamahito, Nov 09 2002


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