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Microwave cordless mobile recharger

Remotely recharge your mobile phone using microwave technology
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The USB cable delivers power to a peripheral, in addition to transferring data. Likewise, microwave radiation should also be made use of in recharging the battery of a mobile phone, in addition to the transferring voice and data.

Mobile phones are really not mobile 100% of the time. They spend an appreciable part of the day tethered to some device which poures the juice into the battery, where it gets stored and then gets dribbled out as microwave radiation which serves to mostly heat up the person proudly carrying the said mobile phone and also, at intervals, carrying the "Hello? ... What? ... Huh. Heh? ... No!" across the aether to the tower atop that tall building.

All that will be a thing of the past, now that the MCMR is here. Utilising phased array antennas it is able to steer a narrow beam of microwaves right at the mobile phone to be recharged. When the said 'phone is within charging range and hasn't moved for about a quarter of an hour (this time can be personalised, folks!) MCMR kicks in. It draws power from the wall socket and magnetronically generates the microwave which gets aimed sqat at the stationary 'phone, which, since it has been absolutely stationary, is deemed to be not on the person of the user. But if it is, he will get that comfortable warm feeling.

The phone already has the necessary receiving antenna, and converts that high intensity flux of microwaves into the necessary charging current to the battery. When the battery is full this is signalled to the charger and it shuts off.

And then, I reckon, it would be safe to walk into that aluminium lined 'mobile charging room' to pick it up to start using it.

neelandan, Sep 16 2005

Solar Battery Chargers http://store.advancedmart.com/sopopr.html
[reensure, Sep 16 2005]


       I don't especially want loose microwave beams wandering about my home or office, sorry. Technologies exist for recharging devices without plugging them in - why not just lay your (suitably equipped) cell phone on one of those plates while you're not using it?
DrCurry, Sep 16 2005

       //They spend an appreciable part of the day tethered to some device which poures the juice into the battery// Maybe you should get a mobile which was made in the last 2/3 years or so, a charge a week should suffice in a lot of cases.
fridge duck, Sep 17 2005

       Dear refrigerator bird,   

       I am describing something which does not need to be tethered at all, not even once a week.
neelandan, Sep 19 2005


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