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Microwave oven oven

a device to cook in a microwave stuff the package says DO NOT COOK IN A MICROWAVE OVEN
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Basically a box you can put in a microwave, heat the box up, Then put whatever in the box to bake.

If watch some videos on the internet that are titled "What happens if you put ______ in a microwave." You might think such a box would blow up taking out a city block, but with little cautious design it must be doable. (My favorite is titled "What happens if you put microwave in a microwave." )

Why? Just bought some vegetable rolls in a box that said DO NOT COOK IN A MICROWAVE OVEN Having no oven they went in the microwave despite the warning. The insides were overcooked and the roll was tough. Edible, but not good. particularly tough at the ends. Notice a similar heating of ends on microwaved hot dogs.

popbottle, Aug 19 2014

For example http://www.kitchena...407161/KHMC1857BSP/
Kitchenaid combo microwave/oven. [neutrinos_shadow, Aug 19 2014]


       How would it work, do you have any idea?
rcarty, Aug 19 2014

       Kind of like boiling water by putting hot stones from a fire in it.   

       You'd think it would be easier & quicker to just use a real oven but I imagine a significant minority don't bother with them these days.   

       Can actually see a market & how it would work.   

       No caution needed I think, you just need a material that absorbs heat & releases slowly (like a reverse freezer block) - you'd heat that in the microwave & put in a box which would be of insulating materials.   

       The food then goes in the box   

       Box & hot block can probably be made as one so the whole thing goes in the microwave.   

       Outer would be material that doesn't heat readily & dissipates quick (to pick up & put on surfaces).   

       You may be able to make with coated cardboard so disposable, which has several advantages (one, being disposable, people will (dispose), & voila! immediate resale market (when another's needed)).   

       Plus the disposable version could be retailed to the food industry as packaging (take food out place in microwave & heat, replace food & wait).   


       You know [po], you really should develop your own ideas b4 posting ;p   

       Someone else will have to tell us what microwave friendly materials may be appropriate so not un-guilty myself :)
Skewed, Aug 19 2014

       //Can actually see a market & how it would work//   

       So much so I've been searching the web for extant products, nothing so far, may be using the wrong search parameters?   

       Of course, most of your drying / hardening problems can be averted by nuking your chosen comestible in a container of some sort (though that produces soggy results, sometimes do part & part to avoid that but you never get the crispy outer pastry effect of an oven (even with the little silvered strips)).
Skewed, Aug 19 2014

       A convection microwave might do the trick.
Spacecoyote, Aug 19 2014

       This box idea could be made in such a form that you don't need to take it out and then put the food in. Instead, you just put the food in it, put it in the microwave oven, and run the microwave oven. That way, it wouldn't run out of heat. It would just need to block most of the microwaves from reaching its internal volume, so that the food doesn't get cooked by them, by absorbing them itself. That will make it hot. Then that heat will cook the food inside, while the whole lot is still in the running microwave oven. More practical.   

       // Plus the disposable version could be retailed to the food industry as packaging (take food out place in microwave & heat, replace food & wait). //   

       That, but without taking the food out, is baked in the form of popcorn bag susceptors.   

       // you never get the crispy outer pastry effect of an oven (even with the little silvered strips) //   

       What little silvered strips?
notexactly, Oct 07 2019

       //a similar heating of ends on microwaved hot dogs.// If the hot-dogs were toroidal then (a) this problem would be solved and (b) they could be harvested directly from the cow without the need of further processing.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 07 2019

       // If the hot-dogs were toroidal… //   

notexactly, Oct 07 2019

       Toroidal hot-dogs could be served in a bagel-type bun, which would have huge advantages because of ...   


       <Placeholder for verbose eulogy on huge advantages and manifest benefits. />
8th of 7, Oct 07 2019

       When I did a Google search for [ how to make a toroidal sausage ], the most relevant results were about nuclear physics. This is peak halfbakery.
notexactly, Oct 07 2019

       Ahhh, got it !   

       A toroidal hot dog, served in a bagel-shaped toroidal bun, would have no "end" from which ketchup, mustard, onions or relish could dribble during consumption.   

       A circular cut, possibly V-shaped, in the upper surface of the bun would be the mechanism by which the hot dog is installed; horizontal slicing would obviate the advantages conferred by the circular format.   

       And there was Much Rejoicing ...
8th of 7, Oct 08 2019

       [8th of 7]: Yes, but how do you make a toroidal hot-dog? Bagel = easy, installing hot-dog in bagel = easy. Putting sausage meat into toroidal casing = topologically impossible (err, MAKING toroidal casing for sausage = also probably impossible...).
[notexactly]: Awesome! (Aside: Search engines are weird... I once searched for "acoustic properties of concrete"; one of the top results was indiaporn.com...)
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 08 2019

       // putting sausage meat into toroidal casing = topologically impossible (err, MAKING toroidal casing for sausage = also probably impossible...).//   

       Make a toroidal casing, put the filling on the outside, then map it to an n-manifold and invert it. Et viola ! When you re-map it into normal space, the meat is inside.   

       Are you deliberately setting out to make difficulties ? It's not big, and it's not clever.
8th of 7, Oct 08 2019

       Run two casing tubes of appropriate diameters, one inside the other. Seal the inside with the outside. Insert mystery meat. Seal the outside with the inside again. Separate at the seals.
Voice, Oct 08 2019

       [Voice], well, yes (obviously) but then you get ugly seals.
(Some pondering...)
How about the casing (as a single tube/torus) wraps around twice, overlapping itself? Start with measured length of sausage in half the length of casing (with extra casing bunched on one end), bend into torus, roll extra casing over itself around the torus again. Just the one "loose" (but tight fitting) casing end to see.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 08 2019

       I repeated my above Google search just now, and I noticed a result that I'm sure wasn't there yesterday: [link]. It's a patent on putting a toroidal sausage in a hamburger bun, putting condiments in the middle (contained by the toroidal sausage), and shipping and cooking the whole lot together. It doesn't describe how said toroidal sausage can be made, but, if you look in the "Patent Citations" section, you'll see it cites several patents on toroidal sausage-making methods. One involves two half-toroids of casing that get joined at the inner and outer equators (similar to [Voice]'s suggestion, and similar to how paintballs are made), one uses the ouroboric method (described by [neutrinos_shadow]), one makes a helix of sausage which is cooked and then cut into rings with unattached ends (like how chainmail rings are made), and one uses a flat disc-shaped casing that gets injected with filling inside a toroidal mold (like blow molding but with meat instead of air). Some make what appear to be toroidal hamburger patties instead of sausages; one was a method for blow-extruding an arbitrarily long helical sausage casing without meat in it.
notexactly, Oct 09 2019


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