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Microwave that suggests healthy eating

Larger microwave display that suggests healthy things to eat
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Diagnosing illness makes sense but preventing it is better. If a microwave suggested healthy foods you could eat (with a larger display). It might affect 1-5% of the meals prepared causing healthier eating, making some slight difference in cumulative healthy diet or introducing new dishes to make.

I do not really know what would be in a "mediterranean bowl", but "lentil soup" or some appealing way of saying "fiber surprise" could be the kinds of suggestions that appear on the display.

It would be suggested at the promotion that this was a way to start a healthy diet and stay reminded.

beanangel, Jan 07 2018


       Could it have a Genuine People Personality?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 07 2018

       //Fiber surprise//   

       Not all surprises are good.   

       "Waiter, so what was the surprise with the dish I just ate?"   

       "That will come sometime tomorrow sir."
doctorremulac3, Jan 08 2018

       //Sounds like the food replicators on Star Trek: Discovery//   

       I've not seen much of Discovery, frankly I may never get around to it. However, in TNG diet is enforced directly by the replicators, no gentle recommendations or hints. My memory might be slightly off, but 1:11 into season 3 episode 8 Troi is denied a chocolate sundae that she's clearly trying to use to mitigate certain disturbances in her emotional-hormonal balance. The svelte figures of the Trek universe are clearly dictated by machines. O'brian is likely the only one with the technical expertise to forge some sort of workaround to facilitate his progression into a bit of a chunker.
bs0u0155, Jan 08 2018

       With a non-volatile memory? "Burrito? You just had a burrito. Have an apple instead and let me get some sleep." Bun [+]
whatrock, Jan 09 2018


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