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Millennium Dome Clock

It is in Greenwich, after all.
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To make the Millennium Dome Clock you will need:
1. A Millennium Dome
2. 3 Colours of paint
3. A multi-directional spotlight
4. A turntable
5. A control program

First, place the turntable in the middle of your Millennium Dome. Next, secure the multi-directional spotlight to the turntable. Using the control program, set-up the light to "track" the movement of the sun. Paint on the movement of the sun across the dome interior and the floor for the longest day, the shortest day, and the equinox.

Relax, and watch a single, solitary spotlight move across a massive empty space.

Knut, Oct 09 2003


       Well apart from the idea a couple of mates had about making it the final resting place for Margret Thatcher and covering the grave with a massive dance floor this is the best idea I've heard for the useless waste of space.
sufc, Oct 09 2003

       Damn. I was hoping that this was going to be the only analogue clock-face visible from orbit.
st3f, Oct 09 2003

       [st3f] - isn't Earth pretty much an analogue clock, visible from orbit?
Don Quixote, Oct 09 2003

       More of a sundial.
st3f, Oct 09 2003

       Fair enough.
Don Quixote, Oct 09 2003


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