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Minefield seismic mapping

Map minefields with the same technology used to detect oil ans gas deposits
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Map the presence of mines by using a variation of the seismic mapping technique.
PauloSargaco, Feb 24 2013

Exxon's take http://www.exxonmob...uction_seismic.aspx
[PauloSargaco, Feb 24 2013]

Reflection seismology http://en.wikipedia..._survey_acquisition
[PauloSargaco, Feb 24 2013]

Sonar already used at sea http://www.defensei...ection-sonar-03764/
[DrCurry, Feb 24 2013]

...and, indeed, on land
(Sorry, this is a PDF.) [DrCurry, Feb 24 2013]

Another Example http://gtresearchne...ease/minedetect.htm
Supposedly being developed by L3 communications. [MechE, Feb 24 2013]

//build a big steamroller that'll survive mines// http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mine_flail
[mitxela, Feb 25 2013]

Oh rats, a mine. http://www.bbc.com/...niff-mine-detectors
[AusCan531, Feb 26 2013]


       Would this work? Detecting large volumes of liquid or water in otherwise solid rock is a little different from detecting small objects buried in rock-strewn soil.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       Yeah, yeah, it works, move along.
DrCurry, Feb 24 2013

       OK, moving aloBOOOM!
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       There must be something about landmines I don't understand. I've seen people going inch-by-inch with metal detectors; I've seen animals trained to sniff out landmines; I've seen all manner of ingenious and painstaking techniques.   

       Why is it not possible and effective to drag a roller along under a helicopter, or strafe an area with machine-gun fire, or build a big steamroller that'll survive mines, or any one of a dozen other crude methods to detonate hidden mines?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       //You can't guarantee that it got them all.// No, but none of the other proposed methods can offer that guarantee either. And removing and sieving soil is impractical if there are rocks and tree-roots in the soil, or if the area to be cleared is of any significant size.   

       As far as I can tell, it's not hard to clear an area of >95% of landmines using pretty crude methods. Then, for the 5%, just stampede cattle back and forth until none of them come back as hamburger.   

       I presume, then, that landmine clearance is cheap and easy, but not cheap and easy enough to be done in very poor countries where unmapped landmines tend to be most abundant. Maybe it's time to start planting a few landmines in the gardens of the people who manufacture the things.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 24 2013

       Or even better, those who ordered their deployment and never came back for them.   

       [Max], all of the techniques you propose, and I do mean all, have been employed time and again with varying degrees of success. The most effective method ever developed was perfected by the Russians in WWII. It was similar to your idea with the cows, only using Russians instead of cows.
Alterother, Feb 24 2013

       Landmines should be made out of degradable materials so that after a few years they simply dissolve.
RayfordSteele, Feb 25 2013

       When landmine detecting, try to get a new stick. The used ones are mighty short.
baconbrain, Feb 25 2013

       Is there no sonic minesweeper using soundwaves to detonate explosives... or is it secret?   

       Using flails and cows is geat for a combat situation. It will set off almost all of the mines that could hurt you during combat. However when the trigger or detonator on the mine fails, you are left with a little bundle of explosives that could become unstable over time. That's why ideas of this type are needed.
scad mientist, Feb 25 2013

       Rabbits make good mine detectors. When a piece of metal is buried shallow enough to absorb and retain the sun's heat, rabbits will sit over the warm spot. Since the warmth stimulates their digestion, anywhere that has been occupied by a basking rabbit for a while will accumulate a pile of droppings.
Alterother, Feb 26 2013

       That's extremely interesting, [Alterother]. We could cross-check the mapping of the droppings with the 3D seismic mapping.
PauloSargaco, Mar 03 2013

       When I read about it (several years ago), I buried some metal junk in my yard and turned my New Zealanders loose. They liked the old brake rotors best, but I also found dropping piles over other round objects. Go figure.
Alterother, Mar 03 2013


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