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Miniaturised Bodypart Keyring

A key-ring with a miniaturised cast of your favourite part of your partner.
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For those of us young and in love, there can be no better feeling than too look fondly at your partner’s most attractive assets. At work, or in the car this is not always possible. I propose a business that would sell key rings with a miniaturised cast of your favourite part of their anatomy attached to the chain. The body part would be 3D scanned at the company’s office, and the item cast or carved by a computer-based lathe. The item could be made from plastic, wood, stone, marble, and could be painted any required colour. I would quite like a white marble cast of my girlfriend, from her waist to mid-thigh, as I like her cute bottom! But, the choice is yours!!
Minimal, Jul 11 2005

Plaster Caster http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0287634/
A true story... [hippo, Jul 11 2005]


       If the choice is mine, I'll take a cast of your girlfriend, too. Or does she only like tacky people with spelling issues?   

       On the other hand, if she is any shape that can be turned on a lathe, I'm not interested. You want stereo-lithography or any other of the 3-D printing techniques available these days.   

       There is actually an idea here. And it can be done. And some people would pay for it. Dang, Minimal, you are making progress. But you still forgot to do any investigation into the practicalities.
baconbrain, Jul 11 2005

       quite cute. am trying to think of any remembered nice bits of any of my former partners. my first boyfriend had a little flat bit on his nose but then that just bemused me really.   

       not sure that I'd want to have to go somewhere public to get scanned though; couldn't someone make a home visit?
po, Jul 11 2005

       [baconbrain] Patronising!!!
Minimal, Jul 11 2005

       [po] They would do home visits. It might be just as much fun for you and your partner to do the calculations yourselves with a pair of calipers, and then type in all the co-ordinates.....or maybe not....
Minimal, Jul 11 2005

       DIY calibrations? well, yes. quite!   

       patronising? not quite the word I would have used but then...
po, Jul 11 2005

       //For those of us young and in love// bleugh.   

       [baconbrain] a tad harsh, I feel. just because the poor lad (minimal, you can only be a boy - I assume the name doesn't have anything to do with this idea, or anatomy at all, though, right?) just because he used the word 'lathe' when he clearly meant either a CNC mill or a rapid prototyping machine.   

       People would buy this; but I think it's incredibly tacky and not for me.   

       // from her waist to mid-thigh // oh good grief. [bacon], I take it all back.
moomintroll, Jul 11 2005

       o.k. moomin. which bit of you should I attach to my car keys?   

       btw, my car keyring is a pic of a cat with the text - 'the more I know of men, the more I love my cat'
po, Jul 11 2005

       Years later it will serve as a subtle reminder of how cute her bottom looked when she was 20-something.
Shz, Jul 11 2005

       //which bit of you//
Doesn't matter, they're all connected. Planning on keeping me close, eh, po? Suits me ;)

       I can't remember who said it, and I do honestly love cats, but my favourite cat quote is: "if cats were green and slimy, we'd all realize what vicious bastards they are."
moomintroll, Jul 11 2005

       so anything that they might have two of, then.
po, Jul 12 2005

       //Patronising!!!// Thank you. I thought about dropping down through ridicule to outright abuse, but there is actually something to this idea. Five minutes of thought, followed by five minutes of research, would have avoided some of the sillier technical errors, and five more minutes of writing time would have made it much more readable.
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       Advertising slogan "Taking the 'part' out of your partner".
sp. "miniaturised"
coprocephalous, Jul 13 2005

       [coprocephalous], you're being English. Stop it at once. Everyone knows American is the only language.   

5th Earth, Jul 13 2005

       I don't mind "miniaturized" even, but not "miniturised"
coprocephalous, Jul 13 2005

       Good luck, [coprocephalous].
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       Speaking of miniaturise and miniaturize and all that, do you damn English ever use a "z"?? They're there for a reazon you know.   


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