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Mirror-legible signage

What did that sign say?
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All too often with muddled street furniture and excessive road-signs, we miss the important ones, and can be some way down the road before we fully realise it.
Simple solution - print whatever the roadsign says on the reverse, in mirror-writing.
Also handy for variable speed limits like on the M25, where the limit may have changed just as you pass under the gantry.
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2006


       But after years of exposure to mirror-image signs, I now read mirror-image writing as easily as normal writing. So, faced with a glass door, I am just as likely to read the word "PUSH" in mirror writing as I am to read "PULL" in normal writing. Similarly, upside-down writing - if I drive towards the words "NO ENTRY" written upside down on a road, I'm likely to hesitate before realising that it applies to people going the other way. What's needed is a font which is readable normally but completely unreadable in either mirror or upside-down forms.
hippo, Apr 07 2006

       //What's needed is a font which is readable normally but completely unreadable in either mirror or upside-down forms// Welsh.
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2006

       The have this on Ambulances in the US on the front edge of the hood.
jhomrighaus, Apr 07 2006

       What Hippo does.   

       I'd like for the signs for the other lane to have writing on their backs, written normally, so I can see what they say. I wind up reading them backwards in my mirror far too often, trying to figure out what turn I just missed.
baconbrain, Apr 07 2006

       I also empathise with hippo, I do the same thing. Short stuff like signs are equally legible forward or backward.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 07 2006


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