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Mobile Home

House that moves around national parks
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This is a wonderful vacation cottage, with lots of glass and perhaps a porch offering terrific views of the landscape and hardwood floors. It has comfortable beds and shower and if so desired, a hot tub, air conditioning of course. It's ideal for an extended vacation in a serene setting. Some people might even be fortunate enough to be able to spend years that way. I'm thinking Yellowstone. Or all of Wyoming. It's amazing there and there aren't too many people. But the house isn't stationary. Underneath are ten large wheels or preferably, legs. These move the house slowly along a pre-programmed course. There is no driver, but it's possible to set waypoints. The house is intelligent enough to avoid obstacles. Movement is very slow and steady, slow enough that collisions will not happen and also slow enough that there is no shaking. Sit back in your adirondack chair on the porch or lay down in the comfy leather sofa in the living room and watch the beautiful landscape gradually change through the floor-to-ceiling windows while you drink a cup of coffee, read a book or have your martinis.
jmvw, Jun 03 2012

Howl's Moving Castle http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0347149/
[UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012]

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       I assume this behemoth travels overland, rather than clogging up roadways? I like the concept, but it will require some manual piloting, as the wilderness has this irritating habit of not being easily navigable. [+]
Alterother, Jun 03 2012

       Howl's Moving Castle?
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       Sounds like the Luggage but with a view.
Phrontistery, Jun 04 2012

       Maybe with fewer legs?
UnaBubba, Jun 04 2012

       Baba Yaga ?
FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2012

       I've thought of an idea of having one of those mining dump-trucks made, but with a house on it (those trucks are already the size of a house). This way, you could traverse the plains in your house, be in a different town every few days, or everyday. See the sights of America This is the sort of thing a billionaire could do.
EdwinBakery, Jun 07 2012

       You can do it a lot cheaper than that, if you steal a T- 282 and a shipload of fuel.
UnaBubba, Jun 08 2012

       //You can do it a lot cheaper than that, if you steal//   

       Duhhh, really?
ytk, Jun 08 2012


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