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Mobius Lasagne

Italian with a twist.
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"Cut!" bellowed the perturbed director of 'Lady and the Tramp VII, Dogs in Space.' He knew he was going to regret changing out the spaghetti in the kissing scene for lasagne, especially lasagne from the new Italian place around the block, the one with the odd building in which he could never be quite sure if he was inside or outside. "Tramp, please do not flip up-side-down when you are kissing Lady. We do not want our viewers becoming sea-sick during the love scene!"
RayfordSteele, Jan 05 2006


       There are no flips in their perspective, or are there? Damn.
daseva, Jan 06 2006

       Heh, interesting flipside to this.   

       <trivia> Dogs in space was also a 1987 Australian movie regarding the over use of drugs etc.. in a house occupied by a collection of social misfits, including one Michael Hutchence.
skinflaps, Jan 06 2006

       Enough of your fantasies, [Ian]!
Minimal, Jan 06 2006

       Served I suppose with a Klein bottle of Chianti. Maybe we could engineer the calamari the same way to even amuse the appetizers.
Seven, Jan 06 2006

       What happens if you order half a portion?
humanbean, Jan 08 2006

       can I have the other half? mmmm
po, Jan 08 2006

       If you order half as a portion, you get just as much, only sliced half as thinly.
Instead, go with a date and order quarters, those come as two interconnected rings - very romantic.
(If one of you is twice as hungry as the other, simply order thirds instead.)
jutta, Jan 09 2006

       I wonder if you could design a mobius noodle maker.
geo8rge, Jan 10 2006

       //Maybe we could engineer the calamari the same way to even amuse the appetizers.// Don't you think the appetizers would be amused by the mobius noodles?
zigness, Jan 11 2006

       [zig] Sadly, most dinners are served with a Jim Crow flare of keeping the appetizers separate from their prized main dish and would rarely get to share in the simplistic glory of such a culinary curiosity. The ACLU has been notified (Appetizer Civil Liberties Union) and their lawyers are expected to present a very one-sided debate. The NAACP (North America Coalition for Calamari Protection) is on high alert however for the potential new twist in the humane treatment of domestic squid.
Seven, Jan 12 2006


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