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Mobius printing strip

Chiralpractor. inspired by 'double sided printing'
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This device sits atop a ream of computer printer paper. It accurately counts out a desired amount of paper by its thickness and slides a wide bookmark type bar into the stack, slicing the perforations and remaining in place to act as a base plate.
The top sheet is then fed into the printer and the stack is pivoted past vertical on the base plates hinge so that the bottom sheet is now accessible. Pull out three sheets, rotate the sheets 180 degrees and attach the end of the last one to the first sheet you've already fed into the printer with a quick-release adhesive strip.

Pivoting back to horizontal, you can now run two equal print jobs turning your cheap single sided printer into a more expensive double sided one.


       Or simply have a printer smart enough to roll the page over and print the other side reversed. It isn't rocket science.
WcW, Nov 25 2009

       Yeah, but this would be more fun to watch print. There's got to be a game or puzzle in there somewhere, just seems to smack of one. Like what if you printed out an endless crossword that connected to itself or...   

       On the practical side, I've seen mobius strips fold a bit when you tug on them, might need some guides. I'll admit this is probably more work than a simple paper flipper, but way cooler.   

       Bun for not giving a rats ass for practicality.
oxen crossing, Nov 25 2009

       Man, I literally started writing this idea yesterday after reading the double sided printing post.
MisterQED, Nov 25 2009

       You could print a never-ending story.
phoenix, Nov 25 2009

       Was that my anno, MrQED? I was thinking of posting something like this as an idea myself. Although mine involved making Mobius strips at the factory, and having special desk attachments they could wrap round.
You'd have to load the printer from the side.
Loris, Nov 25 2009

       I could swear I posted this before. Checking...ah, no, that was the Mobius Strip Club
theircompetitor, Nov 25 2009

       I have to confess, the Double Sided Printing post is what made me think of this as well.   


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