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Mood Weather Windows

The weather outside appears to change, according to your mood
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Everybody knows that the best stuff always happens in films when its raining. The big fight always happens when its raining. The big kiss ending always happens in the rain. The dramatic murder in the horror flick always happens in the rain, or during a thunder storm.

Comedy, kids, and feel good films are almost always filled with sunshine. The morning after is always filled with streaming sunshine. The big zoom-out ending is always in the sunshine.

So why not make your enjoyment of films greater with Mood Weather Windows. At the flip of the 'Horror' switch, jets of water will drissle form the windows outer casement, giving the impression of rain. If you are playing poker with some friends, and flip another switch, and a blackout vale (covered in little L.E.D's) moves over the outside of the window, giving the impression of darkness. Streaming light can be created via bright lamps that move in from the side of the house.

Wheher your watching a film, or having an argument, Mood Weather Windows will set the mood just right, and add an extra dimension to your life.

[ sctld ], Jul 02 2002


       I love this idea! I have the mental image of a henpecked husband suddenly turning on the horror mode when his wife walks into the room....   

       .... and his getting the *real* storm for deciding to do that.   

       Also works vice versa.
polartomato, Jul 02 2002

       Would there be a way to implement lightning on demand, too?   

       "It's hard to be religious when certain people are never incinerated by bolts of lightning." - Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes
kluger, Jul 03 2002

       (1st sentence) [Bridget Jones' Diary, end scene] - or snowing
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       I want snow falling as I light the fire. "Honey, it's cold outside..."
FarmerJohn, Jul 03 2002

       It's raining croissants and dogs, I tells ya
thumbwax, Jul 03 2002

       Snow should be easy enough to emulate. Crushed ice should be sufficient.
[ sctld ], Jul 08 2002

       This deserves far more croissants.
yamahito, Jul 08 2002

       It was those damn trolls that pushed it off the recent list. I only annotate now for 'clean up' purposes.
[ sctld ], Jul 08 2002

       you're right to do so [sctld]...I missed this when it came out. It gets my croissant now. Of course, if I had one, it would "storm" every night just so I could watch....needs the sound effect of thunder booming also...
runforrestrun, Jul 08 2002

       Rain, rain … go away. Go away, go away.   

       I came back to make sure I voted. Hep to the idea; I got lots of mileage from it at work.
reensure, Jul 08 2002

       Switches. Keeps it simple. But i'm sure someone would *have* to have voice commands and so could probably integrate them themselves. If you keep it as switches, it makes it easier for people to tamper with the activation.
[ sctld ], Jul 09 2002

       Naturally, the Film Noir Home will have Mood Weather Windows installed.
hippo, Jul 09 2002

       The TV remote could control it. You could then even control the 'weather' for the neighbours.
drew, Jul 09 2002

       Rain effect: totally baked. In the UK. Today.
TwoSheds, Jul 09 2002

       Garbage: "I'm Only Happy When It Rains" :)   

       I'd play with this one just to alter my mood at will. If I'm feeling a little dreary because of heavy cloud or drizzle, I'd switch to sunshininess and smile. If I'm in the mood for a cool thunderstorm, I'll switch to that.
XSarenkaX, Sep 27 2002

       I'm kind of bored today so I would like a meteor shower followed by some falling volcanic ash.
xandram, Mar 03 2006

       I seriously like this one.
zigness, Mar 04 2006


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