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Moss Carpet

Multi-Use floor covering
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Ok so you build a house and leave the floor as well ferilized flat dirt bed, and sprinkle moss spores all over...this carpet would be one of the most comfortable carpets of all time, as well, if you happened to spill something on the carpet it would just digest it. Put your compost in the blender with some water and throw it across the floor to feed your carpet and you have a solution to a number of problems all in one. Wow! heh

All Hail Eris

Malcalypse, Sep 26 2001

Uses for your carpet of moss http://www.sandrale....com/gardening.html
Is there nothing new under the sun? [pottedstu, Sep 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Prime Sheet Moss http://www.artcraft...om/mossesgalore.htm
"Prime is the only quality we ship" 1/2 way down. [pottedstu, Sep 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Eris http://tuxedo.org/~...tml/entry/Eris.html
[pottedstu, Sep 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Living Carpet 2 http://www.halfbake...Living_20Carpet_202
[pottedstu, Sep 26 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Who the hell is Eris?
sdm, Sep 26 2001

       There's a plant called carpet moss. There's also a Monroe, LA carpet dealer called Bob Moss. But most interesting is the link I've posted, which describes uses for moss supplied in a sheet that would be ideal to just roll out for all your flooring needs. I'm currently looking for product info.   

       sdm: Eris is a Goddess of Chaos, chief deity of the religion of Discordia. Read the Jargon File. <creaks> I remember in the old days they wouldn't let you on the internet if you hadn't read the Illuminatus Trilogy (Robert Anton Wilson & Robert Shea) <stops creaking>
pottedstu, Sep 26 2001

       Sheet moss. Got it. Actually, nice Malcalypse wants to grow her own.   

       BTW, this is half-baked, twice (Living Carpeting, Living Carpet 2)
pottedstu, Sep 26 2001

       Why do we have to hail Eris?   

       You don't want to keep that up, [Malcalypse]. I'm sure there's all sorts of inane unrelated crap we can append to the end of our ideas but don't. Why not leave it on your profile page.
sdm, Sep 26 2001

       Quite like the idea of Moose Carpet, though. Why should moose have to put up with cold and muddy ground? But perhaps galoshes for moose would be more sensible.
Dog Ed, Sep 27 2001

       Looking around my office, I'm just thinking of all the wires that would get lost in it. You come to replace a monitor and have to yank its cabling out of the floor...
sadie, Apr 24 2002

       (Dog Ed) Galoshes for Moose? Mooses would never go for that - instead, why not have an improved two-wheeled cart pulled by a horse (remember - the world will beat a path to your door for a better moose trap)
paddler, Apr 24 2002

       actually, this would work really well for cables. if you wanted to, you could up the moss, bury the cables underneath, when you replaced the moss it would grow right back over like there was nothing there. try pulling up regular carpet to do that.
efarns, Jul 03 2002

       Why would a moose want galoshes? Seems a bit confining for the hoof... maybe waders? They do tend to stand in water a lot...
Aurora, Jul 03 2002


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