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A motorised wheely-bin complete with remote control
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Ever been put out by putting out the rubbish? Do you wish you could somehow take your bin to the kerb without having to get wet, struck by lightning and attacked by stray cats? If you answer yes to any of these questions, Gnome-brand products may have the solution to your woes: The all-new Gnome-brand Moto-Bin allows you to take your wheely bin to the kerb without leaving the comfort of your living room!

Using revolutionary remote control technology in conjunction with state-of-the-art digital video, the Moto-Bin makes your wheely-bin-wheeling days a thing of the past. Simply attach the Moto-Bin unit to your wheely bin and use the remote control (supplied as standard) to take your bin up the drive from up to 600m away. What's more, the Moto-Bin Bincam, which can be easily attached to the side of your bin, gives you crystal-clear vision of your bin's path through a standard receiver that can be plugged into any TV's RF socket. It can even be used in the dark, as the Bincam comes with a night-vision lens as standard.

Also, super-accurate laser-assisted steering controls the Moto-Bin's direction. The steering system also incorporates an advanced obstacle avoidance system based on U.S. Military technology. Steering on the Moto-Bin is controlled via the same remote control as the speed, and uses a simple user interface similar to that of a radio-controlled car. The wheel's direction is controlled by a small electronic servo motor.

The Moto-Bin will fit to any standard European wheely-bin and is available from all good retailers. Prices of kits range from £49.95 to £249.95. Higher prices reflect higher specifications. Please consult the following price grid for further assistance.

Item Individual price [1] Basic Moto-Bin starter kit Contents: Moto-Bin unit Moto-Bin Bincam Drive belt and axel driving kit RF Infa-red receiver Remote control driving unit Concise 300-page instruction manual for Moto-Bin £49.95


Moto-Bin front drive wheel Contents: Extra front wheel for two-wheeled wheely bins £5.99


Moto-Bin turbo charger Contents: Turbo charger to fit to your Moto-Bin unit, increasing the speed of your device by up to 75% £100.00


Moto-Bin maintenace kit Contents: Static-free brush for cleaning drive belt Moto-Bin lubrication oil to lubricate drive axels Moto-Bin cleaning fluid to keep central unit clean, avoiding possible directional calculation errors Spare tyres for wheely bin wheels Cleaning fluid to keep inside of wheely bin clean £74.95


Moto-Bin spare parts kit Contents: Spare set of lenses for Bincam (£9.95 alone) Spare tyres for front and rear wheels of wheely bin (£15.95 alone) Spare drive belt for rear axel (£2.95 alone) 15ft spare cables for Moto-Bin connections (£1.99/ft alone) 2 replacement aerials for Bincam and Moto-Bin unit (£12.95 alone) £56.95


Ultimate Moto-Bin kit Contents: Basic Moto-Bin starter kit Moto-Bin front drive wheel Moto-Bin turbo charger Moto-Bin maintenance kit Moto-Bin spare pats kit Free Moto-Bin fantabulous adventure CD-ROM game £249.95

[1]: Individual price: Items can be bought separately as extras to add to your Moto-Bin or to send as presents to other Moto-Bin owners.

NickTheGreat, May 15 2002

Osama Bin Landfill http://www.halfbake...ma_20bin_20landfill
Send them our bomb-filled Moto-Bins!! [NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002]


       merge with Chaos meter. tip all floor contents of chaotic room into moto-bin when Chaos level reaches 10% over ideal. Moto-bin wheels itself to dumpster at end of street. If you didn't clean your room, it'll be all gone by the time you get home from school.
sappho, May 15 2002

       ///Idea too long! Time to go home!   

       --pottedstu, May 15 2002 ///   

       Well, excuuuuse me!
NickTheGreat, May 17 2002

       A heavily loaded idea. Moto-Bin laden.
bristolz, May 17 2002

       While you're here, you should really try that free Moto-Bin fantabulous adventure CD-ROM game. It's hours of fun for all the family.   

       [bristolz]: yes; we could load them with explosives and send them to Osama Bin landfill (see link)
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       This could also be combined very neatly with my Wheelie Coffin idea. Take your loved one for a last drive around the neighbourhood. Or have them lead the funeral cortege "in person" ..... Remember to remove the expensive motor system before dropping the Wheelie Coffin into the six-by-two plot, or the crematorium in-ramp.
8th of 7, Jul 03 2002

       Now really... that's shameless self-promotion
NickTheGreat, Jul 03 2002

       great minds think alike... I built a couple a few years ago check www.dreamon.org and look at the Sid and Nancy pages.
gorhar, Feb 23 2003


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