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Motorised Deckchair

relax in a struggle free deckchair
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This is the season for deckchairs, (which I love) and despite their simplicity, some people still struggle to erect and adjust them.

This problem is now solved with the introduction of the motorised deckchair, which at the touch of a button, unfolds itself like the hood of a sports car to a fully erect position, ready for flopping into.

When reclining, its powerful levers, hydraulics and worm geared miniature battery driven motors can adjust its angle position via a convenient phone app. This means you need never worry about struggling out of it to raise or drop it down a notch for extra comfort.

Sun's up, so it's time to recline and chill out without a care in the world.

Deluxe version has fabric integrated cooling strips, which are powered by the solar cells built into its complimentary sun shade.

xenzag, Jul 12 2020

Deck Chair Ratchet Deck_20Chair_20Ratchet
Version 3 will be out in 2030 or thereabouts [lurch, Jul 12 2020, last modified Jul 13 2020]

WALL-E hover chair https://www.youtube...watch?v=h1BQPV-iCkU
[tatterdemalion, Jul 12 2020]

Segway version https://www.youtube...watch?v=8oZ4ujuVOw8
[tatterdemalion, Jul 12 2020]

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       Hmmmmmm ...   

       <Reviews "Terror of the Autons", specifically the Master's murderous inflatable plastic chair/>   

       // powerful levers, hydraulics and worm geared miniature battery driven motors //   

       We'll take a pallet-load to begin with. Is there an app to control them ? <Evil sniggering and arm-flapping/>
8th of 7, Jul 12 2020

       I'm reminded of something similar in the movie "WALL-E" but it was a hover version.
tatterdemalion, Jul 12 2020

       I'll wait for the AI version that learns my preferences based on temperature, location, my blood pressure, and keywords.
Voice, Jul 13 2020

       I'm always embarrassed sitting down at Summer's start, into a deck chair. They are never "just right", as the little bear would say.   

       But I hasten to add, wouldn't the workings of its //powerful levers, hydraulics and worm geared miniature battery driven motors// get rusty in crappy weather?
blissmiss, Jul 16 2020

       Deckchairs are fair weather friends, but of course all mechanical parts can be protected from the elements, in the same way as expensive digital cameras can be weather sealed.
xenzag, Jul 16 2020

       I didn't think this idea included travel but if that's not the case, setting temperature and Lux values might see the chair in a meandering zigzag across the back lawn trying to find the perfect possie.
wjt, Jul 18 2020


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