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Mouse Cleaning Ball

Cleans the X and Y rollers quickly and efficiently.
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Just a thought I had while scraping the well known "mouse boogers" off the roller bars inside the mouse.

Most computer users know that hiccups and halts of the cursor mean fingernailing that black gunk off the inside of the mouse. How about a mouse-ball sized device with small toothbrush like bristles. Pop it in. move mouse around a few seconds. Replace regular ball.

JRandMoby, Mar 05 2002

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       Ball mice are so 1998. Get an optical.
waugsqueke, Mar 05 2002

       Baked, I've got one at home. It's a ball with a groved surface on a stick. You stick it into the mouse and twist it and of comes all the gunk.
dare99, Mar 05 2002

       I am certain the mice would find this uncomfortable.....
rbl, Mar 05 2002

       Baked, big time. About five years ago, I bought my mouse cleaner at Wal-Mart. It consists of a prickly ball and a velcro loop mat. Insert ball and roll mouse on mat--the velcro action removes the fuzz. In any case, had my optical mouse for over a year.
1kester, Mar 05 2002


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