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Don't you wanna know how fast?
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Your mouse currently measures distance moved.

Add a timing device to the mouse.

d/t calculations galore. Add current speed to your task bar, with associated animal image for pictorial reference.

Add average speed to check if you're a little quicker today than normal.

Have office mousespeedo competitions.

jonthegeologist, Sep 17 2003


       no, I have no interest whatsoever, and obviously screen resolution will have the greatest impact on the perceived speed.. you're weird.
neilp, Sep 17 2003

       screen resolution has nothing to do with it. d is derived from physical distance on mousemat or desk. Easy on the insults, bro.
jonthegeologist, Sep 17 2003

       Mouse already measures speed, as this is used to make the Acceleration work in the MS mouse driver - the faster you move it the more it accelerates, so that a quick movement requires you to only move the mouse a short distance. Ergo, just need it to be represented grpahically or something, don't need any new timing device.
goff, Sep 17 2003

       How are you gonna train the mice to pose in speedos? And in your office?
kevindimie, Sep 17 2003

       I'm disappointed; this is neither spandex for rodents nor furry swimsuits for fashion models. Glum.
Don Quixote, Sep 17 2003

       how can you build up any speed when your mousemat is only 8" long?
po, Sep 17 2003

       I've seen script snippets to display mouse position and speed, so what you want is out there somewhere.
DrCurry, Sep 17 2003

       Great idea.
andrew76, Jan 22 2004

       Nice idea but your speed differs very much depending on what you do. Gaming? or leaving it sit there while you're typing?
AliCo, Mar 01 2004

       quite right [alico], but this is a olympic-esque vision where the fastest wins. It matters not what you were doing to set a new record or personal best, just that the new high speed was registered.
jonthegeologist, Mar 01 2004

       I thought this would be a little swimuit to put on your mouse. Hot pink w/yellow polka dots.   

       Very funny image.   

       Croissant from me.
DesertFox, May 07 2004

       I agree it should be a bathing suit for your mouse.   

       And it should measure mouse speed as a percentage of the speed of light. And show the "red-shift" of the cursor -- you know, highly useful astronomical data.
phundug, May 09 2004

       Gamify this.
jonthegeologist, Mar 08 2014

       Race your cursor through a track of words, phrases, and sentences. If you bump a letter, you lose a point. Lines need not always track level and horizontal across the page.   

       An important exception to the letter bumping rule is that if you pass a spelling error, leaving it uncorrected, you lose a huge number of points. However, if you correct a non-error, you lose all your points, and maybe even go into the red.   

       The reason for the latter rule is that it helps end the oppression of the Innocents that our evil present spelling systems are - every one of them. I'll give an example: If you "correct" the word "color", you'll lose the points. If you then cunningly adjust, and next "correct" the word "practise", you will Again lose points. And the same goes for all similar examples - as well as a few more it would bore you even more to hear.   


       And, finally, you can gain big points by using the program's keyboard shortcuts. To really do well in the game, you need to be good with eg the arrow keys.
skoomphemph, Mar 08 2014


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