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My computer mouse is starting to get grimy on the outside. I guess I should have been washing my hands before using my computer. Anyway, imagine a little building -- like a miniature car wash -- that sits on your desk next to the monitor.

When the mouse starts feeling grimy, simply feed it tail first into the mousewash. Cleansing vapors and gently cleaning brushes will go to work, buffing the surface of your mouse into a beautiful shine. In a minute, the machine will automatically eject your once again like-new mouse.

phundug, Jan 26 2004

Monitor cleaning http://www.website1.com/squeegee/
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004]


       mouse: "gargle, gurgle,glug" spit, ting...
po, Jan 26 2004

       It could even have something like those under car scrubbing brushes, only to clean the mouse ball.
EdZ, Jan 26 2004

       You generally need to remove the ball to clean a ball-mouse thoroughly. Is this invention more of a superficial cosmetic thing, or can it handle the cleaning of the internal rollers and other bits? Or are we all supposed to have optical mice by now?
kropotkin, Jan 26 2004

       My old mouses wind up in the mousoleum
theircompetitor, Jan 26 2004

       I don't think the average IT department would approve of this Do-It-Yourself maintenance. However, the average IT department may be willing to buy a self contained mobile unit on a cart. A Microsoft certified Mousewasher would come around on a quarterly basis to clean all mice. Additional Squeegee certification would be required to squeegee the outside of your monitor. Cleaning of the inside monitor should be outsourced to <link>.
kbecker, Jan 26 2004


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